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October 2019 Apartment Marketing Made Easy With The Sprout Daily Dose Method

We always get so excited when a new month rolls around (even if they seem to be rolling around faster and faster). A new month means a new Sprout Marketing Calendar full of brand new ideas for you to get new residents and keep those awesome ones you already have! The October calendar and the Daily Dose ideas for this month have allllll the Fall vibes and we are loving it because, let’s be honest, we’re melting here in Texas and we can’t wait for cooler weather.

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Why Your Brain Needs You To Take A Walk

For a lot of us, it’s our nature to work as long and as hard as possible, sometimes (most of the time) to the detriment of our own wellbeing.  We put in overtime, we cut lunch short, we keep pushing back the time we say we’re heading home, and oftentimes that behavior can be justified because we are busy people. But I’m here to tell you, busy doesn’t justify sacrificing your well being both physically and mentally. 

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