Virtual Marketing: Let them tour your community from their couch!

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Rise of Storytelling

The huge marketing trend of 2018 is storytelling. Virtual reality allows you to immerse your prospects in your community story. Although it's been predicted as a trend for years, costs are finally going down this year, making it possible at some communities. 

So when we're thinking about the usage of virtual reality specific to apartment living, there are so many options. This video considers a few. 

True virtual reality walk-thrus. Imagine a prospect being able to walk through your model without ever leaving their home. They will be able to feel how large the living room is, what size table will fit in their dining room and imagine cooking in the kitchen as they circle the island. We are so very excited to see the future is finally here. 

2018 Marketing Trends.003.jpeg

360 tour: Let people tour your apartment in a 3d way and you can do it with just a photo or rendering. 

GoPro video: Put a GoPro camera on your head and do "a day in the life of a resident" video. Or change the perspective and do a "day in the life of your manager" and show your prospects and residents all the things you do to care for their community.

2018 Marketing Trends.001.jpeg

Look for amenities that have the virtual reality element.  A golf simulator or even a wii in a clubhouse allows your residents to play tennis, golf, basketball... without needing the court and equipment. Be sure to watch the video and see why Peloton bikes are so hot right now. 

The object is to tell your community story and with virtual reality, you can do this without them having to go anywhere. 


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