Digital Marketing: The Easy Way

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Keeping your social media account up to date can be easy and FUN with the help of a classic kids' game: Mad Libs! We give you six must-have graphics PLUS, Mad Libs that you can personalize to fit your community for a successful and stress-free marketing post.

Sprout Members: Click here to download your cheatsheet on what to say and while you're at it, grab our 6 coordinating social graphics to go with it.

Not a Sprout member yet? That's alright, you can request them here! 

Sounds fun- how does it work?! Simply use our ready-to-use graphics and then fill in the blanks about your community. Here's a sample: 


1) Download the Sprout Mad Lib pack.

2) Post the graphic to the left on your Instagram, Facebook page, or in an email and then fill in the blanks with your community information: 

Welcome to your new home at ______________ Apartments! We can't wait to get to know you. Stop by the office anytime for a cup of coffee and chat with ______________, ______________, and ______________ (our friendly office team)!

Digital Marketing has never been more simple. Immediately start posting content that attracts more prospects and increases resident engagement. Swipe our Mad Libs strategy and six, ready-to-use social media graphics and DRASTICALLY reduce your social media posting time.


Want more?

Our members have 24/7 access to hundreds of seasonal and always relevant digital graphics to make posting a breeze. Check out some of the latest here: 


LOVE, LOVE! Ohhhhhh how I wish we could just do everything with you....!

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