October 2019 Apartment Marketing Made Easy With The Sprout Daily Dose Method

We always get so excited when a new month rolls around (even if they seem to be rolling around faster and faster). A new month means a new Sprout Marketing Calendar full of brand new ideas for you to get new residents and keep those awesome ones you already have! 

The October calendar and the Daily Dose ideas for this month have allllll the Fall vibes and we are loving it because, let’s be honest, we’re melting here in Texas and we can’t wait for cooler weather. 

This month has some Fall-tastic resident retention ideas, outreach marketing opportunities, as well as some renew/welcome ideas that will knock your pumpkin socks off. We also have some really unique creative holidays for you to celebrate with your residents .Did that get you pumped for a month full of marketing?! Then read on friend, read on! 

Resident Retention Done The Classic Way

Let’s be real for a second, it can be tough trying to get that engagement with your residents. After all, you are competing against literally everything and everyone else that they see in person or on social media. Sometimes going back to basics is what can draw them in. Well, back to basics…...and a free prize! 

This “Guess How Many” Daily Dose is always a classic crowd pleaser. Get your residents involved in a little friendly contest. Guess how many Candy Corn in the jar to win a prize! Who doesn’t love prizes? This is a fun way to get residents to come in to the office and chat. You can even do this digitally and have people guess online. It’s a great way to get engagement. 

Below are some of the flyer options that Sprout Members can customize and print!

What you’ll need: Large jars, Candy corn, Frame or shadow box, Pens, Guessing slips (Sprouters, you can download yours from the “Guess How Many” Daily Dose.)

Prize ideas: Amazon gift card, Starbucks gift card, A “stay cozy” box:Mug, Hot cocoa, Coasters, Blanket, Fuzzy socks

Bring it to life: Have a station set up with the “guess how many” flyer in a shadow box or frame, a jar full of candy corn, the ¼ page guessing slips, an empty jar for the guess slips, writing utensils, and the potential prize(s). Think about having a prize for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners. 

Fill one large jar with candy corn and leave one empty so residents can throw their guesses in there. Post on social media square to let residents know when the winners will be announced so they can come in and enter their guess. (Sprouters, get yours here.) 

Once you’ve chosen the winner(s), make sure to post about it on social media so everybody knows! Above are a few examples of social media squares that Sprout Members can download.

SProut Members: There’s tons of downloads and resources for you to grab. login now and get started!


Outreach Marketing That Stands Out

Maybe what you’re looking for this month are some stand-out outreach marketing ideas. Our October Marketing Calendar is full of outreach Daily Doses that will do just that, but I think a fav would have to be this “Pumpkin Outreach” Daily Dose. How could you not “Fall” in love with this idea??

You can go so many different directions with this one - candy, real pumpkins, pumpkin flavored anything! This Daily Dose will be sure to capture your prospects attention this fall, use this as an opportunity to promote your fall specials! (By the way - Pumpkin day falls on October 26th)!  Entice your prospects to fall into luxury at your apartment homes.

(To the right is and example of a customizable flyer that Sprout Members can download and print.)

What you’ll need: Treat bags, Gift bags, Filler paper, Candy Pumpkins, Pumpkin spiced tea, Mini pumpkins (real or fake)

Bring it to life: Download Sprout’s ¼ flyers or the customizable flyer (if you don’t use the customizable flyer, make sure to stick a business card in there). Add a little of each goodie to the bags, along with the flyer. For example: one pumpkin treat basket filled with candy pumpkins and a couple of pumpkin spiced tea packets.

There you have it, pumpkin galore outreach! Take them with you when you visit businesses in a 5-10 mile radius of your community.Sprout Members, you can download the social media square to post online!

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Renewal/Welcome Gifts that will make a statement

Renewal/Welcome gifts are some of the most important ones that you’ll give to your residents. This Daily Dose idea lets your residents know that you are there to lend a hand! This gift will be a fun surprise to come home to and it will also let them know that you are there to help. It’s so important to make sure your residents feel like they can count on you. This is an essential part of resident retention - for those residents who are just moving in, it’s the perfect way to kick off their stay and for those renewing, it’s a nice refresher. Your job is to make sure your residents’ experiences are top notch. That’s a big responsibility, so start small.

There are so many fun designs that all you Sprout Members can choose from to bring this initiative to life.

What you’ll need: Hand soap, Hand lotion

Bring it to life:

 For renewal incentives:

  • Download or customize the flyer of your choice.

  • Pair it with the soap or lotion of your choice.

  • Leave it on your resident’s doorstep or ask them to come in to the office for a treat when it’s time for them to renew. 

  • Post the social media square to make sure everybody gets the memo - you’re there to give them a hand!

For welcome gifts:

  • Download or customize the flyer of your choice.

  • Pair it with the soap or lotion of your choice.

  • Leave it by your resident’s kitchen or bathroom sink for them to see upon move in!

  • Post the social media square to make sure everybody gets the memo - you’re there to give them a hand!

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Creative holidays that will get your residents talking

October is also filled with so many fun creative holidays that you can celebrate with your residents. Here are a few:

If you love these creative holidays, you’ll love the list our members have access to every month, complete with ready to use captions. Click here to sign up!


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