Multifamily Goal Diggers, You've Got This!

This article is for all our planners, hustlers, and make-it-happen kind of ladies and gents.

You know, the ones that have a pretty awesome life already, the glass half-full types, but still want more. Not for the awards or the recognition, but because it feels good to be a goal digger. If this is you, read on. 

Setting goals and crushing feels dang good! But it's so easy to get in a rut, to settle for the good enough. Have you fallen into the complacency trap? If so, we want to help... Download the above checklist worksheet, keep these S.M.A.R.T. points in mind, and start making it happen, goal diggers! 

Not all goals are created equal. Some fall flat. 

Here is the secret sauce...they have to be SMART. 

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  • SPECIFIC: Set specific goals. The more specific the goal, the better the chances are of achieving exactly what you want. 

  • MEASURABLE: Can you provide concrete proof you've met this goal? How will you know if you've succeeded? Decide your measures for success ahead of time. 

  • ATTAINABLE: This is where being realistic comes in. This doesn't mean you have to set easy goals, just the proper framework for making it happen.  Include the small goals needed to achieve larger goals. 

  • RELEVANT: What is the objective and do you REALLY want it? What's going to make you jump out of bed even when you are tired? It has to relate to your big picture purpose. 

  • TIMELY: Include deadlines for achieving your goals and celebrate all the little victories along the way! Remember: If it isn't scheduled, it isn't real. Plug your mini milestones and big goals into a calendar and make yourself accountable.


Here are some goals you might consider...

  • learn to ask really good questions

  • lose five pounds

  • learn another language

  • lower turnover by __%

  • respond to every lead that falls to me within __ hours (at the longest)

  • follow-up twice to each tour given

  • allot 15 minutes each week to online career training

  • improve my listening skills

  • attend one training webinar a month

  • attend an offsite training or conference each year

  • read one book a month

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Meet Rebecca, Creative and Social Media Director at Sprout. She's sharing some of her goals.

Main goal: Work life balance. To make that possible, these are my subgoals: 

  • Wake up earlier to have time to myself before working.

  • Schedule a Soul Cycle class at 6am (so I have to get up and go).

  • Eat lunch away from my desk.

  • Quit work by 5pm at least two days a week.

  • Brain dump at the end of each day by assigning myself tasks for the next day.

  • Practice calligraphy a few nights a week.


The first rule of frog eating is this:
If you have to eat two frogs, eat the ugliest one first.
— Brian Tracy

Like most people today, at times we feel overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time. We work our hardest to get caught up while new tasks and responsibilities continue to roll in. How do you do it all and keep your sanity? To put it simply, you need to eat your ugly frog first! Gross, right? What is the ugly frog you might wonder. After diving into Brian Tracy’s book “Eat that Frog” I found that, your “Frog” is your biggest, most important task. It’s the thing that you most likely want to procrastinate on and push out as long as possible. It's the task that will have the greatest positive impact on your work day when accomplished. Normally, on any given day we have 2-3 “ugly frogs” on our task list. Start your day off with the biggest, hardest and most important task. Like exercise, checking off a task gives you a surge of endorphins. This will cause a snowball effect on your remaining tasks and you are more likely to complete them all.

In a study conducted of both men and women who get paid more and who were promoted faster, the common quality that was found in each of them was “action orientation.” The most successful people are ones who immediately take on major tasks at the beginning of their workday and work steadily until those tasks were completed. Let’s go over 7 of Brian Tracy’s steps to eating our Frog.

1. Decide what you want: This is something you can do on your own or sit down with your boss and discuss your goals and objectives. Make sure you walk away having clarity on what is expected of you and in what order of priority things need to be completed. Having goals that are vague cause many to work on low-value tasks instead of the tasks that would cause them to become more successful.

2. Write It Down: Goals floating around in your head are less likely to be completed than ones that are written down. So take some time to think on paper. Make it tangible and real! Use our goal setting worksheet to write down your personal and career oriented goals.

3. Create a deadline for your goals: By not having a set deadline on important tasks and goals you are more likely to procrastinate on finishing them. Without a definite deadline, you have no urgency to get a task done. Create a start and finish date on important goals.

The second rule of frog eating is this: If you have to eat a live frog at all, it doesn’t pay to sit and look at it for very long.
— Brian Tracy

4. List out everything you have to do in order to achieve your goal: As you think of new things write them down until you cannot think of anymore! This list gives you a visual picture on your larger task. Whether you need to create a retention plan for the month or plan a resident event, list out all that needs to happen for your task to get completed.

5. Organize your list into a plan: Once your list is complete, prioritize! Decide what needs to be completed immediately and what are your low-value tasks. Having a written goal and an organized plan of action will help ensure your productivity.

Screen Shot 2018-05-29 at 11.16.25 AM.jpg

6. Take Action NOW! You’ve done all this work, now do something about it! Execution of an average plan is far better than a brilliant plan that is not being worked on!

7. Resolve to do something everyday that pushes you towards your major goal: Build it into your everyday routine. Whether it's that you want to call a certain amount of prospects in a day or you want to exercise a certain amount of time during the week, schedule it into your day. Once you start moving toward your goal, keep moving forward!


Check out our Sprout outreach goal setting worksheet and get with your team to create your goals together for accountability! And don’t forget to EAT that Frog!




If one of your goals is to have successful resident events this year than look no further for some inspo!

We had to give a shoutout to one of our Sprout members: Folio Apartment Homes. Folio Apartment Homes hosted a painting party and it was a HUGE success! Scroll through the pics to see get some inspiration or follow them on Insta @folio_apartments to see some of their other awesome resident events! Also, check out what they said about Sprout, thanks for the kind words Sal!

Sprout always has tons of templates that I can choose and customize to my property. When it comes to keeping my property’s themes, colors, and fonts - Sprout makes sure to help build your community a TRUE brand. All of my flyers I have created using Sprout have always been eye-catching and my residents love them!
— Sal, Folio Resident Service Coordinator

It's your turn. What goal have you been wanting to tackle, but haven't given it the time or energy? 

Remember, you've got this. 


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