Multifamily guide to awesome community photos

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Sprout’s long-time photographer and friend, Kat Carey, shares: TEN TIPS to make your community iPhone pics awesome! We're sharing #4 below!

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More pics, please! Nowadays people want MORE! We know you can't hire a professional photographer for every event or fresh community pic, so we're sharing how to take awesome community photos with your iPhone. Kat Carey, owner and lead photographer of Dark Room Foto, shares 10 tips to take iPhotos like a pro.

Pro Tip #4: Manually Adjust Your Exposure. For iPhone, tap on the screen when the yellow box comes up. Drag the sun icon up or down to change exposure (brightness) manually.

This will keep your photos from being too dark or overly exposed. 

SPROUT MEMBERS: Get the whole TEN TIPS here. 

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A creative company such as Sprout has a LOT of files (like thousands of photos) to keep track of on the back end. How do we do it? With the help of an awesome tool that you have access to for FREE right now!

If you're like a lot of people, you use gmail as your personal email. Google Drive is one of the MANY free services that comes along with your free gmail account. Get started by checking out the app button at the top right side of your email account.

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There are a variety of video tutorials available on Youtube to walk you through every facet of this tool, but in a nutshell you can create a folder for each of your main organizational needs. You can create as many folders as you need. For example: Community Photos, Resident Events, Social Media, and more. The best part about using Google Drive to organize your files is that it’s available anywhere- on your work desktop, your personal laptop, or even your smartphone. 

To create a folder, click the blue NEW button toward the left side of the screen. This is where you’ll also go to create your docs and sheets (spreadsheets). 

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Using Google docs is super useful when you need to create a document to share with team members- you can send them the link and you can all edit the doc- even at the same time! You’ll be able to see each other typing- a tiny bit creepy but also cool!

If you need to share but don’t want any changes made, you can share a read-only version. 

Our Favorite Ways to Use Google Drive

  • Gathering team pictures for social media posts

  • Collaborating on a brainstorming doc for events

  • Organizing contracts & client notes

  • Keeping our to-do lists handy. When you click NEW to create a Google doc, you can choose from templates such as to-do lists, project management spreadsheets, invoices, calendars, budgets, meeting notes and more.

  • And our favorite: Storing and organizing our massive Sprout Stock photo library. The drag and drop feature makes this extra easy to move things around from folder to folder.

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These communities are doing it, doing it real good! Look at the stories these Sprout Members are telling through use of our Members'-Only Stock Photos.

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We love seeing how Sprout is helping communities tell their story through Sprout Stock Photos. Don't just write it when you can SHOW IT! Look how fun your pool can look in the above Continuum 115 post. Don't want fun? Pic a more sophisticated image and show how relaxing your pool is. Don't just list "pet-friendly"- SHOW pet friendly! There is no doubt how much The Reserve at Travis Creek loves dogs after seeing their puppy party design. Does your community have an excellent fitness center or offer fitness classes? Promote your community culture of health and active lifestyles on social with imagery! Imagine how different the Turnberry Place fitness class post below would be if it was all text! Business professionals? Demonstrate how easy the commute is with an image of walking to work or home from the office. We have a pic for that! 


🌱Members: get your may photos here. 

Sprout Stock Photos represent apartment life and are exclusively for Sprout Members. Each month Seedling Membership provides you with a minimum of 25 beautiful, high-res images to use in your social media marketing, on your website, or even in your printed collateral. The best part is that as long as you are a Sprout Member, they are licensed to your community. Bam! That was easy.


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