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How To Be The Hero When It Comes To Handling Resident Complaints

Being a property manager is a rewarding career, but it can have it's rough days. Especially when that day consists of dealing with resident complaints. How you handle complaints can either build that resident loyalty that you want, or it can break their trust. Read our sneak peak of our webinar with Rommel Anacan where he'll teach you a step-by-step method for positively dealing with complaints.

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Marketing Initiatives That Even The Most Time-Starved Property Managers Can Do

Ever have a really big idea and then realize… oops…. You don’t actually have time to make it happen? Maybe you had the best marketing initiative planned but then that to-do list got the best of the day and you just weren’t able to make it happen. We feel you. Time-starved property managers are spread thin and often times it feels like there’s no help in sight which can have such add to the already overwhelming feeling you have on the daily, am I right? We’ve heard this same scenario from property managers all over the US and decided that Sprout can do more to help. So we did! We now have done-for-you bundles in our Sprout Shop that you can purchase and then have the pre-made bundles shipped directly to your door.

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An Apartment Marketing Plan That's Focused On Getting Results

Truth time: A lot of on-site apartment marketing is done for the sake of doing something (anything) or to simply appease a corporate requirement. When we approach marketing like this, it tends to lack clarity when it comes to defining the marketing objectives. The result? A big belly flop. 👎

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