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Questions You Need To Be Asking To Get More Attendance At Resident Events

When resident events are a hit, boy they are a HIT and it makes your property manager heart beam with pride, right? It’s when resident events are…less than stellar, that we get discouraged and start to wonder what we can do differently to ramp up the attendance. We’re here to tell you some tips on how to do just that!

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How To Give Yourself More Space By Creating More Boundaries

Working within healthy boundaries that we set for ourselves sounds good but often times we don’t take the time or effort to put them into practice and stick to them. Boundaries are meant to be set up to be constructive, not destructive so there’s no need to be scared of them! To get some help with how to pick a boundary and stick to it, we asked the famous Casey Van Zandt for some coaching, and as always, boy did she deliver!

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How to Beat Mental Blocks to Do Your Best Work

Mental blocks...we’ve all had them (and they always show up at the worst time!).

If you’ve ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed, or let’s be honest...maybe you’ve dreamt of running away to a deserted island in the middle of your workday, we are sharing our favorite hacks to get you back on track. The cool thing is these work in business and in life.

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