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FB Live: Big Ways To Sell A Small Floor Plan

We’ll be real honest, selling smaller floor plans can be tricky. No one loves to hear a prospect say, “Oh wow, this apartment is so small.” But, when you hear that, that’s when it’s your chance to sell the lifestyle that comes with living in a smaller space. 

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Outreach Marketing to Teachers: Back to School Edition

Teachers work seriously hard for the money and I LOVE giving back to them. I’m talking about pairing goodies that give back to teachers and at the same time, attract these hard working professionals to your community. So, let’s think about how you can market to teachers, school districts, and faculty staff.

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9 Seconds to Grab Your Prospect's Attention...3 Tips to Make it Happen

Q: “Barbara, I've attended several courses that you presented. I have a question for you. With competition being so fierce, do you have any quick tips on best practices when it comes to marketing? Best, Sarah from Indiana."

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