Outreach Marketing to Teachers: Back to School Edition

Teachers work seriously hard for the money and I LOVE giving back to them. I’m talking about pairing goodies that give back to teachers and at the same time, attract these hard working professionals to your apartment community. So, let’s think about how you can market to teachers, school districts, and faculty staff.


No. 2 Pencils: An Oldie, but Goodie

I have three aunts that are teachers and they always put in their own money for supplies. I would venture to say that just about all public schools are underfunded and the teachers don’t have the supplies they need. So what can we do to give back to them, or make their life a little easier?

One of my favorites is ordering No. 2 pencils in bulk. Not just any pencils, but pencils with your apartment website on them. 4imprint.com does these for a really good price, at eight cents a piece.

Next, simply stop by and donate them to the school. Nothing grows legs like a pair of pencils or pens. These will end up in the hands of your students, their parents, your teachers, the administrative faculty and more. It also sends a message to the school and community, that your leasestars are devoted to giving back to your community and simply, that you care.

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.43.16 AM.jpg

Jump in Feet First: Bandits and Banners 

Screen Shot 2018-07-30 at 8.43.07 AM.jpg

Take it a step further and order banners or bandit signs that say, “we love teachers, our kids are smart cookies because of you.” Once again, not only do teachers see this, but all the families in the community see that your community appreciates these loved professionals.

Like the cookie theme? Deliver labeled cookie trays that can be put in the teacher's lounge and don't forget to pair it with your Sprout Marketing designs. Again, it's about all of your messages connecting, and pulling at the heartstrings.


What to Say: It’s as Easy as ABC!

Still nervous to drop by a school with goodies that teachers will love? That’s ok, we’ll arm you with what to say as well. Try this: 

"Hi. My name is Ann with ABC Apartments. Many of the students at your school live at our community. I just wanted to come by, introduce myself and bring some goodies to you all."

Other things worth asking: 

  1. Is there ever an opportunity for our community to sponsor a PTA event or anything like it?

  2. We offer a preferred employer discount to all faculty and staff. What is the best way for us to share our community information with your staff? Do you have an email newsletter?


Widen Out: Go Outside Your Typical Outreach Route

Did you know there are teachers who don't like to live in the same district as the schools that they teach in? Imagine that- they want a break from our sweet kiddos after hours?! So don’t be afraid to expand your real estate and open it up a little bit, going outside your typical outreach route. You never know when that demographic that lives 10, 15 or even 25 minutes away, is gonna pick your community because it's completely away from their school district (aka their students and students’ parents). 

School's Out for Sumer! 

Or is it? Most teachers work two weeks after school is out and return at least two weeks before the school year begins. This can be the perfect time to visit them.