How To Turn Breakfast Biscuits Into More Dough For Your Apartment Community

September is the perfect month to make breakfast better for your apartment community and highlight a healthy lifestyle for your residents.

If you haven’t heard already, this month is better breakfast month! This is a fun monthly theme that you can use to create unique resident events and outreach initiatives, but it’s also the perfect month to push your community’s health and wellness facilities. If you’re a community that is in an area of town where fitness is the new fad, or if you have an on-site workout space that would make Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drool, now is the perfect time to show it off! 


You never know what a selling point might be for someone.

They may be looking for a place to live that will help them reach their fitness goal, or one that will help them keep up their active lifestyle. Better Breakfast Month is all about making healthy choices and creating a healthy lifestyle for yourself, so use this initiative to show your prospects that your community already has that healthy lifestyle ready for them, all they have to do is move in. 

When they come into the office for a tour, start showing them right then and there how your community helps them reach their health goals by having some healthy snacks out for them to grab. With, of course, a fun framed Sprout flyer letting them know it’s for Better Breakfast Month. If you have gyms near you, you could point them out whIle on the tour and especially mention them on your social media.

Here are some Sprout graphics that would be great to use on your social media:

Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 8.10.23 AM.png

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When you stick with a theme like Better Breakfast Month, you’re not just selling your prospects a new home, you’re selling them a lifestyle.

Remember, when you are talking with a prospect, they are the star of the show, not you. So, think about what your community has to offer that can help THEM meet their goals and create the lifestyle they want.

Maybe you’ll want to focus on your fitness center being open 24/7, letting them know that your accommodating to different those who might work night shift. Maybe you want to focus on the fact that you have an Olympic style gym as well as a normal one, showing them you encourage everyone to find a fitness routine they enjoy. Or maybe, you want to point out how you’re in such close proximity to other fitness gyms, as well as health food stores, smoothie and juice cafes, and parks for getting outside. 

Regardless of how you go about it, show your residents and prospects that you’re there to encourage them to live the healthy lifestyle they want and that there’s no better place to get it than your community. 

Sprout Members, be sure to check out the Breakfast Events and Outreach Daily Doses that we have for you this month! 

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