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How To Turn Breakfast Biscuits Into More Dough For Your Apartment Community

If you haven’t heard already, this month is better breakfast month! This is a fun monthly theme that you can use to create unique resident events and outreach initiatives, but it’s also the perfect month to push your community’s health and wellness facilities. If you’re a community that is in an area of town where fitness is the new fad, or if you have an on-site workout space that would make Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson drool, now is the perfect time to show it off! 

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FB Live: Big Ways To Sell A Small Floor Plan

We’ll be real honest, selling smaller floor plans can be tricky. No one loves to hear a prospect say, “Oh wow, this apartment is so small.” But, when you hear that, that’s when it’s your chance to sell the lifestyle that comes with living in a smaller space. 

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Sneak Peak Of Fair Housing Webinar With Anne Sadovsky

Fair Housing laws can be an intimidating mountain to face, and the anxiety that comes with it is understandable. There have been some real nightmare stories of violations ending careers and costing an enormous amount of money. That’s why we think this month’s webinar is such an important message that you need to hear from the one and only Anne Sadovsky, who’s kind of a legend in our industry.

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