Your Go-To For Marketing Planning This Fall Season

Is it just me or is September the unofficial beginning of the gathering season? Summer is all fun and games, but the fall season always feels like the time for meaningful get-togethers. This means that it’s the perfect time for you to throw some awesome resident events to really bump up your community engagement. 

This month’s marketing calendar is full of events that are sure to blow your residents away. Of course there’s tons of ideas for outreach marketing, resident retention, resident notices, and social media campaigns, but focusing on resident events seemed fitting for the season this month. Get ready to be inspired!

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First up is, of course, football season events! If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s that people love a good football party and we have exactly what you need to be the MVP of football events. We guarantee this event will be a touchdown! (We can’t pass up a good pun, sorry not sorry.) 

You’ll want to find anything and everything football related for your decor. Check out the list below to see some of our favorites. (personally, I looovvvveeee the football paper lanterns)

Once you have decor, make sure you have the food covered because no football party is complete without enough food to feed an army. 

One thing that we love about this event is that it’s pretty easy to bring to life. You’ll download this social media graphic to get the word out on your social platforms. (Members, there’s more options in the Daily Dose page as well as in the gallery for you to search.)

Then, be sure to have all the decorations and food ready to go and don’t forget the TV if it’s a watch party! 

Take pictures of all your residents living it up so that those who didn’t make it this time will definitely want to stop by for the next watch party. 

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This next resident event comes to you courtesy of Sprout Membership Contributor, Adam Sattley, who gave us an entire lumberjack themed collection that we can’t stop staring at. (Members, you can find it all here on the daily dose page.) 

We think this event is so fun and has easily become a fall favorite around the Sprout office and we know your residents will feel the same way because who wouldn’t love a Lincoln Log Building Contest!

You’ll want to grab these graphics to get the word out to your residents about the event and get them brainstorming about their winning Lincoln Log design. 

Then you’ll want to go lumberjack crazy with the decorations - tablecloths, table toppers, balloons, lanterns, Photo Booth props, everything! You’ll want to think about what the prize will be for the winner of the Lincoln Log building contest.

Here’s some of our favorite decorations and prize ideas. Click on each item to buy!

Before the event, make sure you post on your social platforms and really hype up the event so your residents know there’s going to be fun prizes for the winner.

The day of the event, make sure you have your designated food area and a designated area for people to build their Lincoln Log masterpieces. Display your prizes somewhere that will catch people’s eye and encourage them to participate. Take lots and lots of photos of your residents having fun to post on social media!

Pro Tip: Come up with a fun hashtag for the event for you and residents to use!

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September is Better Breakfast Month and we believe it’s not a party without breakfast food! Here is an easy and versatile event that you can do any day, any time because who can say no to breakfast food?! Not us. This is another one of those easy events that you should be able to throw together at a moment’s notice - or you could choose to go ALL out.

First, grab these graphics to post on social and get your residents excited about the event.

Then, you’ll want to get all the yummy breakfast food - bagels, yogurt, tacos, donuts, coffee, and more! Don’t forget to grab some fun party supplies for the event. We’ve put some of our favs below. 

Before the event, post on social media and get the word out about the event. Make sure you’re posting all the way up to the day of the event. 

At the event, make sure to keep the food stocked and as always, take tons of pictures! 

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On top of the Daily Dose ideas, our members also get a list of creative holidays they can celebrate with their residents. Here are two of our favorites for September!

September 5th is #CheesePizzaDay   Download the graphic here.

September 5th is #CheesePizzaDay

Download the graphic here.

September 28th is #GoodNeighborDay   Download the graphic here.

September 28th is #GoodNeighborDay

Download the graphic here.

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