Sneak Peak Of Fair Housing Webinar With Anne Sadovsky


Fair Housing laws can be an intimidating mountain to face, and the anxiety that comes with it is understandable. There have been some real nightmare stories of violations ending careers and costing an enormous amount of money. That’s why we think this month’s webinar is such an important message that you need to hear from the one and only Anne Sadovsky, who’s kind of a legend in our industry. (eekkkk *cue happy dance*) 

Anne will be covering big topics when it comes to fair housing and letting you know the best way to go about dealing with situations that may seem a little tricky. Throughout the webinar, you’ll hear her discuss things like what you can and can’t do with criminal background checks, how to accommodate residents who may be handicapped, and how to deal with guide/assist/support animals that your residents may have. She will also address how to go about verifying disabilities and service animals, which can be a sensitive subject area, but she’ll show you how to go about it gracefully and respectfully. Another big topic she’ll cover is how to deal with marijuana use in your community, focusing on the importance of having a non-smoking policy and making sure your entire staff is enforcing it. 

If you have anxiety about all things Fair Housing, we promise this webinar will leave you feeling more comfortable and confident to lead your community in the right way. We’re proud to have her as a resource for our Sprout Members and she is excited to give our Sprout community some guidance in this area of our industry. 

This webinar, which will be on September 17th at 11:00 AM, is exclusive to Sprout Members so if you aren’t a member yet, you still have time to join and be a part of this free training webinar with Anne Sadovsky. We’d love to have you as a Sprouter!