The 5 Resources You Need In Your Marketing Mix

As a property manager, leasing agent, or really any role we have in life there always seems to be an over abundance of to-do lists that need to be finished, items to be bought, and projects that need to be finished. With all that going on at once it can be hard to keep everything straight. 

Sprout has tons of resources to make your life easier. (One of our favs is the Daily Dose ideas our members rave about.) BUT, did you know that we also have other printable resources you can use to help keep your life organized?!  YAASSSS!! We’ve listed a few and how they can help take away your marketing headaches.

  1. Sprout’s printable weekly calendar resource to keep yourself on track with your goals on a daily basis

This printable can help you write down your weekly goals, to-dos, has an area to jot down notes, as well as gives you an outline to help you keep track of your marketing initiatives for the week. It gives you a space for each day so you can write out your schedule and do all the things! 

(Sidenote: You can download this resource now! Just CLICK HERE!)

2. Printable shopping list for all your big time marketing goodies

This shopping list printable is broken down for you by welcomes, outreach, follow-up, renewals, referrals, events and other. This way you can make sure you don’t miss a thing and can nail every initiative you put into action. This is also a great resource to keep on hand for when you have a stroke of genius and think of some awesome items you think would be perfect for your marketing plan.

3. event checklist from sprout with well thought out categories to help you make it a success

If you have a community event you’re hosting then our Event Checklist is a MUST! This one is one of my personal favorites just because of how detailed it is and can really make you feel relaxed, knowing you’ve covered all your bases. This resource breaks down a checklist for anything and everything you can think of before, during, and after the event. Here are some of the categories it covers:

  • Invitations

  • Online Promotions (email and social media) 

  • Community Promotion

  • Pre Event (Set-Up, Food and Drinks, Paper Goods, Music, Decorations, Games, Promotional Items/Swag, Trash Duty) 

    • This section allows you to list the person in charge of all these tasks so everyone knows exactly what they need to take care of. 

  • Run Thru (Making sure everything is working, assigning designated photographer, designated greeter, etc.)

  • Post Event (Clean Up and Thank You) 

    • This section also allows you to assign the people in charge of each task.

4. Sprout resource checklist to make sure you get all the graphics and printables your heart desires

Making sure you have all your resources for your marketing and retention initiatives is no longer a hassle to track with our Sprout Resources Checklist. It’s broken down by outreach, rent is due, welcome home, additional resident notices, renewals, referrals, events, reminders, additional social media graphics, and downloaded stock photos. That way whenever you log on to your Sprout membership and download your printables and digital graphics, you can check them off your list. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! 

5. The one and only marketing checklist you’ll ever need

Last but not least, we have the big papa of the printables - the marketing checklist! This is a monthly checklist to make sure you have all your ducks in a row for all things marketing. This checklist gives you everything - ideas to clear your space, get inspired, scheduling all your big marketing priorities, manage your online reputation, assigning tasks, reviewing, and meeting as a team to strategize for the next month. With this checklist, along with your Sprout Membership resources, you are guaranteed to be a marketing machine in no time! 

Pro Tip: After every initiative, implement the KISS method both individually and as a team to see what you want to Keep, Improve, Stop, and Start. If you’d like more info on this method check out our Instagram TV to watch the one and only Barbara Savona talk about how Sprout uses it in our planning, as well as how she uses it personally. 

With all these resources, plus the Sprout team behind you, there’s no doubt you’ll will be unstoppable. Taking time each month, week, and day to plan out your goals and initiatives you want to tackle can help you stay focused and productive. We can’t wait to see what all you’ll accomplish!