Plan A Sophisticated Marketing Strategy With Less Hassle

Another month, another calendar! As a Sprout member there are so many perks but in our opinion it’s hard to beat the monthly marketing calendar. There are just so many good nuggets in it that are easy to follow and more importantly, easy to accomplish. 

Be sure to download our August Calendar so that you can get all your ideas planned out. This month we’re highlighting some super creative Daily Doses that fall under Referrals, Outreach Marketing/Follow-Up, and Resident Events so be sure to read on if you need a little pick-me-up in those areas! 

Don’t know what a daily dose is? Be prepared to have your mind blown. A Daily Dose is a creative initiative that we create for you the major areas that our members need help in: resident retention, referrals, outreach marketing, follow-up, etc. As a Sprout Member, you get a Daily Dose idea for every single day of every single month. Okay, now pick up the pieces of your mind so you can get some of these ideas for FREE below! 

Do You Need S’More Referrals?

 This Daily Dose is sure to get you some good ones! 

Keeping referral initiatives fresh is super important or soon residents can glaze over them.  It’s always good to promote referrals by treating your residents with small gifts to show them you care. You’ve got to put in some work if you want to start seeing those consistent referrals. 

First, download this FREE 1/4 page design we have for you here.


Next, grab all things stores!

  • Graham Crackers

  • Mini Chocolate Bars

  • Marshmallows

You’ll also want to grab some goodie bags and skewers for the marshmallow roasting. (Click the images to grab your goodies!)

Now that you have your design and your s’more necessities, you’re ready to package your goodie bag! Every bag some have a packet of graham crackers, some marshmallows, mini chocolate bars, some skewers and the most important ingredient - your ¼ page flyer from Sprout! You’re ready to go and get those referrals with no problem now. 

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Could your follow up use a pick-me-up? Then you need this Peachy Follow Up Daily Dose in your life! 

Follow up can be tricky for many reasons. One being that it’s hard to stand out from ALL of the other follow ups that your prospects might already be receiving. The trick is to be intentional and memorable. Here’s one way to make a follow up a little different. 

First, download your FREE flyer design.


Then, grab these peach envelopes and these peach tea bags.

Once you have all these, you’re ready to put the tea bag in the envelope with either the full page flyer - along with your business card. 

Alternative Option: Instead of mailing out individual follow-ups, you could also have a basket full of individually wrapped tea bags (use these treat bags) with your 1/4 page flyer where your prospects could just grab a couple after their tour. Whatever works best for you!

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Need an event to engage your community? Look no further than this Doggie Swim Day, Pooch Plunge Idea! 

Dogs swimming in pools is one of those things that you can’t help but smile at. Make it happen for your residents when your pool is ready to close for the season. The day before or shortly before your pool’s closing day, host a pooch plunge at your community pool with this Daily Dose. Your residents will be over the moon and so will their pets.

Grab some pup-proof party supplies. We’ve listed some ideas below with links for you! (Click on the image to buy now!)

Before the event, be sure to print out an invitation flyer and post around your community along with posting a digital version on social media and emailing your residents as well. 

The day before the event, be sure to grab this FREE social square below to post about your event. 

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Maybe you’re looking for some fun and unique things to celebrate with your community. Look no further! Sprout also gives members a list of creative holidays that will happen that month and give your social graphics for you to use and engage your residents on social media. 

Below are some creative holiday ideas and graphics for you to download for FREE!

August 16th is #RumDay so grab your social square here.

August 26th is #DogDay so grab your social square here.

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