Fitness Marketing for Your Apartment Community

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SPROUT MEMBERS: We have everything you need for January Fitness Marketing in one full-circle campaign.

While being fit might just be a trend for some, it’s a lifestyle for many. It also happens to be at the top of everyone's New Year resolutions. 

  • OUTREACH: Healthy living is easy at...

  • REFER: Refer your fitness buddies

  • RENEW: Renew your healthy living

  • EVENT 1: Boot Camp

  • EVENT 2: Work It

  • EVENT 3: Mix Up Smoothies & Shakes

Just look at your Facebook or Instagram feed and you’ll see check-ins and pictures of your friends sweating it out at Crossfit or a HITT class, shaking it on the Zumba floor, or clocking the miles on the treadmill. After all, strong is the new skinny (Pinterest says so!)

Are you maximizing marketing a health-centric lifestyle? 

1. Don’t just market to gyms. Think about diabetes centers, doctors offices, and weight loss businesses (like Weight Watchers or MyFitFood-type of services).

2. Calculate the number of calories that can be burned if you live on the second or third floor units and you take the stairs a couple of times a day. How many calories would you burn in a week, a month, or a year? What does that translate to in weight loss?

3. What is your walk score? Bike score? How far are the parks, walking trails, or farmers markets?

4. Have you set up a mini model that highlights a health-centric lifestyle?

5. Are you promoting this lifestyle on your website, social media sites, blog, and advertisements?

Fitness Outreach


  • Take “Health Passes” on outreach trips. Invite prospects to come work out at your place for a week to try out a new lifestyle. Working out at the community can save them from buying a pricey gym membership.

  • Offer heart-smart move-in gifts: gym bags full of healthy essentials (yoga mats, workout music, healthy snacks, fitness DVDs and more)!

  • Advertise how walkable your neighborhood is with your WalkScore number.

  • Take water bottles, apples, granola bars and other healthy treats on outreach marketing trips.



Workout partners make the best neighbors! Remind your residents to refer their friends!

Offer your residents flavored water and healthy snacks next to this sign >>>. 

Sprout Members: Grab your Fitness-themed Referral here! We've made it easy to download, post, and go! Remember, you can also post your referral notice on your website or social media pages. Need help? Reach out to the Hello Sprout team at 



Here it goes: nobody wants to come home to a renewal notice in their door (especially if there is a rent increase)! Remind your residents to continue their healthy living at your community!

Our renewal designs and creative campaigns help to open the renewal conversations in the most successful way possible–In Person!  This is a small change that we guarantee will yield enormous results.




  • Organize fitness classes or promote classes in the neighborhood.

  • Host a Weight Watchers meeting.

  • Pair up residents who want to walk in the neighborhood. It makes the walk go faster, plus there’s safety in numbers.

  • Encourage residents to get a dog. Research shows that dog owners walk more often, for longer, and at a faster pace than non-dog owners.

  • Help your residents get fit. Offer rent discounts to personal trainers in exchange for training residents at discounted rates.

  • Host nutrition classes for your residents. Many people don’t understand how to eat well on a budget.

  • Better nutrition can lead to a healthier weight for many. Host a Biggest Loser contest at your community. There is power in numbers!

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