Popcorn & Pie January Marketing Ideas

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National Popcorn Day is January 19th, so why not put some POP into your retention efforts this month? Popcorn is easy and super budget-friendly, and everyone loves movies, so you can go all out with this theme and not break the bank.

Not to be outdone, National Pie Day is January 23rd.  We're making resident retention as easy as pie! Few things in life are as comforting as pie- it’s a classic staple of home cooking! It gives you a feeling of warmth and family. So here’s your chance to share that feeling with your prospects and residents to make them feel warm and cozy in a month of cool temperatures.


Sprout Members: In the month of January, you can download your instant printable pie designs here. 

  • Instead of a Pizza Renewal Party, why not change it up and host a Pie Renewal party! It’s super simple! Just provide 4 or 5 different pies and hot coffee. Hand out our fun printables.

  • Pecan pie lover? Remind residents that you’re nuts about them!

  • Is apple pie your fave? Make sure residents know they’re the apple of your eye.

  • McDonalds’ personal apple pies are inexpensive and a hit with pretty much everybody.

  • Deliver whole pies or cobblers to HR departments of preferred employers you’ve been trying to reach with any of our pie outreach designs.

Sprout Members: In the month of January, you can download your instant printable popcorn designs here. 

  • Feature a popcorn bar that has tons of goodies or provide a gourmet popcorn spread! Spend time mingling with your residents and showing just how much you appreciate them.

  • Put a popcorn machine in your office to entice residents to visit. This is also a great time to hand out referral bonus flyers or event invitations.

  • Attach a renewal notice or labels to packs of microwave popcorn… Include movie passes as renewal gifts.

  • Referrals: Allow residents to bring friends and show their BFFs why your community is so POPular!

  • Renewals: Send them home with popcorn packages with Sprout’s “Can We Butter You Up?” labels attached. Say goodbye to boring renewal notices forever.

  • Deliver event invites to local businesses with small boxes of buttery popcorn labeled with your community information. Invite them to stop by and see what makes your community POP!

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