Occupancy Need a Boost? Creative Direct Mail Apartment Marketing

Real mail, not bulk mail, still gets our hearts pumping! In a world of texts and emails, it's easy to forget about direct mail apartment marketing. For hard-to-reach businesses or for a special follow-up, regular mail can be very powerful. We know it's hard to stand out and we only have 9 seconds to grab the attention of our prospects. Here is how you can stand out! 

sendaball.com: Untraditional Direct Mail Marketing


An old favorite that was also shared years ago is sendaball.com. This is for those very difficult to reach places. Go to sendaball.com and order a ball that can be imprinted with your apartment marketing message and they’ll send it for you. The awesome thing about this is that the postman has to physically deliver this ball to whoever it is addressed to because it doesn't fit in a mailbox. So if you have somebody, say an HR director at a hospital or maybe at a bank or maybe one of those corporate places that are under lockdown that you can't get in to, find a name, get an address and send a ball. 

It’s fairly expensive, it’s around $20 to have your message sent, so this would be for those apartment communities with a larger budget or to send to a few very specific companies you want to establish a preferred employer program with. And the best part is everyone's gonna notice the mailman that’s walking in with this ball. People are going to toss it around and it's just going to be a great way to send your marketing message.

You could even send some "Have a ball with us” Sprout Membership designs separately- think multiple touchpoints. sendaball.com is a way to start that conversation and get your foot in the door, but this time you're going to do it with a ball!

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13 ounces or less: Fun Follow-Up Apartment Marketing

A few years back, I came across this awesome blog that shared anything 13 ounces or less could be mailed without packaging. We discovered that flip flops (and coconuts) are one of those great items, especially during the summer, to mail for your follow-ups! Someone that came in and toured, but hasn’t leased or to somebody that you're trying to make an awesome impression with.

Send a flip flop saying, "You'll flip for Sprout.” “You'll flip for ABC Community” or “You'll flip for our deals!”. Now I will tell you, personally because I've done this, I like to actually mail one flip flop in a clear envelope. It's a little bit difficult to get the postage to stick onto the flip flop and so I like to get those big envelopes that are clear, drop my flip flop in it, include some of my flyers, label it with some of my awesome corresponding Sprout labels and off it goes.

I guarantee that if they get a flip flop in the mail, they're going to remember you, they're going to talk about it, and they they might even post about it on social. You're going to create a buzz and your marketing is sure to grow legs.

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Full-Circle Apartment Marketing Tips

Whatever you’re doing on the outside (outreach, follow-up…), make sure you add as many touchpoints as possible! Consider getting flip flop bandits signs and placing them throughout your community. One community even planted a “lawn” of flip flops along their tour route.

If somebody is driving by, they see it. If somebody walks by your office, they're seeing your same marketing message. If they check out your social, it’s there as well. That's what grass roots is all about.


Put a stamp on it: Another Marketing Strategy to Stand Out from the Crowd

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And then coming from Jay Levinson's Guerrilla Marketing, 1984, his idea said to put a ton of stamps on a letter. So let's say you are sending a follow-up, instead of just putting a 32 cent stamp on the direct mail, he said put 11 stamps. Now we know stamps are a little more expensive nowadays, but the point is, it's impossible to ignore a letter with 11 stamps. 


Little, but mighty: Get your mail opened

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Now guys, if this isn't your cup of tea, and you're like, ummm, I don't want to send an envelope with all these stamps, it kinda looks trashy- it’s not my style, here’s something else you can do.

Go to Amazon.com and order these tiny, tiny little envelopes. They sell these really fun, bright neon colored envelopes. I would say they are about 1/8 of the size of a regular envelope.

Then what? Put an untraditional follow-up message inside! You could even put a key to your apartment and say, “you're the missing key,” or a puzzle piece and say, “you're the missing piece.” When people go to check their mail and all the envelopes are about the same size, here is yours, because it stands out. It’s bright, it’s tiny and people are sure to at least look at it and give it a little bit more time than they would just a regular envelope.

Now no matter what kind of apartment marketing you're doing, I want to stress that the number one rule of thumb is to make sure you LABEL EVERYTHING. Make sure there are plenty of your marketing flyers and label every little piece. Your collateral might get separated from your flyers, but you know that at the very least, they will see a label and know who gets the credit for putting that together.


When it comes to creative mailing and grassroots marketing- your investment is not so much money, as it is time, energy and imagination.

Request a demo now and see how easy it is to put these property marketing ideas into action with a Sprout Membership! 

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