Change This ONE Thing to Get More Resident Referrals at Your Apartment Community

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Years ago, I worked for a gentleman who was the king of automation. He would always say, "If we have to repeat any action or to-do more than five times in a week, we have to find a way to automate it." 

For many, the idea of automating anything at their community raises concerns. At a time when everything demands personalization, won't automation feel cold to our residents? 
The short answer is no-it doesn't have to feel cold. 

Let's take resident referrals. Why don't more residents refer friends, co-workers, and family members to our community? It's because it's not a priority for them. Increasing our occupany is always a priority for us as the managers, assistant managers, and leasing professionals. But for our residents, it ranks low on their list. So how do we make our priority their priority? 

We remind them. Often. 

In sales, a referral is the key to the door of least resistance.
— Bo Bennet

But how can we remind every resident of our referral incentives all the time when we are juggling new move-ins, maintenance issues, owner demands, fires, and figuring out what the weird smell is from apartment #1202? 

We automate referral reminders. 

Stage Referral Automation Stations throughout your community.

Stage Referral Automation Stations throughout your community.

Create a Referral Automation Station for less than $20 

1. Make a little trip to Target or the Dollar Store. 
2. Buy a shadow box frame,  sweet treats and a fun jar.  
3. Browse your Sprout Referral Campaigns and pick your favorite referral design. 
4. Print your Instant Download Sprout Referral Design. 
5. Stage mini referral stations throughout your community. 
6. Voila! Let the referrals start rolling in:) 

Here's one more tip. This is NOT a set it and forget it kind of automation. Keep it fresh and memorable! If you leave this set-up the same January through December, pretty soon your residents are going to glaze on by your little station. 

Switch it up each month by selecting a new referral design from your Sprout Seedling page, grab new treats, and find new decor! 

SPROUT MEMBERS: Download one of our beautiful Referral Notice printables today! 

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