It's Multifamily Fashion Week at Sprout!

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What’s your power outfit? Kristin Walk & the stylish team at Éilan Apartments share their favorite fashion tips. Click here to see why you need a power outfit and where to get it!

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We love our Dee Siers and her beau-dee-ful professional style! Marci sat down with Dee for this special interview! We think everyone will love learning from Dee!

Research shows, there is a direct correlation between how you dress and your work performance. While digging into this topic I came across a study conducted by psychology professor Abraham Rutchick that I found to be super interesting. He found that those that dressed more formally were more likely to think more expansively and abstractly- in essence, more like a leader. This was a polar opposite to those that dress less formally. Instead of thinking out of the box, those that dressed less formally were consumed with only the immediate concerns of their job.

We've all heard the saying: "When you look good, you feel good!" I personally feel this statement is accurate. Fortunately for me, I don't have to go very far for some direction + inspiration on fashion advice.  

Here at the Sprout HQ in San Antonio, TX, we have our very own fashionista and her name is Dee Siers. She allowed me to pick her brain on what dressing for success means to her. Here's what she had to say:

Marci: What are your favorite go-to stores for professional clothing?

Dee: J. Jill is my number one go-to store, their selection of business casual outfits are spot on! I love that their clothes look good on, and I still feel comfortable. It’s important to be able to get up and go and not be in something so uncomfortable you can’t even walk in! My second go-to place is Dillard's. They have a broad selection of different brands I LOVE: Ralph Lauren, BCBG, Calvin Klein and Ann Taylor - all in one place! 

Marci: How would you describe your fashion sense?

Dee: Business Professional. I feel like there are a few items you must always have when it comes to your look, a bag that goes with everything, cute but comfortable shoes and an accessory that either adds a pop of color or pulls your whole look together. 

Marci:  Fill in the blank. "I never leave the house without my _____.

Dee: I never leave the house without my tote specialty bag from Cambodia. It holds all my essential work items and it means so much to me. I received it from my son who was working on a project in Cambodia. Its black and matches everything! Your bag should always be a color that can fit with different color schemes. 

Marci: Ok, another fill in the blank. "You'd never catch me in ______ on a work day?"

Dee: Sweat Pants. It now seems like a fashion statement to come to work in yoga pants or sweatpants but that would not be a trend I could ever jump on! I feel better when I dress for success! 

So in the end we learn that to feel good it helps to dress the part. You don’t have to wear the most trendy items but you need to have your own style that you feel MOST confident in. Being practical when it comes to your business professional look is key but definitely add your own flare to it! 


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Lauren, busy mom of two and Sprout Marketing Co-Founder, here.

I tried Stitch Fix and here’s what I think!

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Okay, so there might not be a drive-thru when it comes to shopping for your next outfit... but I've found something pretty darn close...  Stitch Fix!

As a mom with two little ones, shopping (especially for clothes) is NEVER my idea of fun! Although reluctant, I decided to try Stitch Fix after my mother forwarded me the email a few dozen times... you get $25 off your first order with this link btw... you shouldn't have to pay for your first fix.;-)

I was shocked! They sent me a box full of clothes, that not only fit great, but matched my style perfectly! 

I've used the service several times and I have to say, it's my new favorite way to shop.  You get a personal stylist assigned to you, they ask a good amount of questions regarding your likes/dislikes and sizing and they check out your style pinboard on Pinterest... then voila - new clothes arrive on your doorstep!

I'm pretty sure, it's the closest thing to a drive-thru mall in existence.


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