Which apartment community is doing Instagram right (and how you can too) and our fave fitness app!

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I love keeping up with our clients on social media. I actually do a little happy dance when I see our Seedling members rockin’ it on social.

-Barbara Savona, Sprout Marketing CEO


So this month, I have to give a HUGE shout out to Turnberry Place in Baton Rouge, LA. Their social media always is so fun and consistent. Check out how gorgeous their Instagram feed looks using digital squares that they get as part of The Seedling Membership with Sprout!

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The perfect fitness app for busy property managers & teams: Brooke Burke Body. This app that has been LIFE CHANGING for me and will be for you too if you hate exercising or you just can’t find the time to squeeze in a workout!

I came across this app and instantly loved it. Here’s why:

  • The exercises are short...7-18 minutes long! They are SO easy to follow and they target “lady” problem areas (hello, saddlebags and boootay!) She tells you exactly what’s going to happen and there is a countdown that tells you how much longer you have to go. I don’t know why, but seeing the little countdown helps me hang on just a few more seconds.

  • You can save the the videos on the app for when you don’t have internet access. Zero buffering means zero excuses. Brooke Burke is a gorgeous mom of four AND doesn't have an annoying voice. :)

  • The app is only $7 per month! It’s super affordable and you will feel the burn (oh man, will you feel the burn!).

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It’s an awesome way to highlight the life at your apartment community. And right now on the Sprout Digital Graphics page, we have awesome graphics perfectly sized for your Instagram stories. There are so many ways to put these into use!

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Here are some ideas for what you can do to incorporate Instagram Stories at your community.

  • Consistently host a “Virtual Tour” Day

  • Introduce a new season and new office hours

  • Invite residents to come into the office to grab a cup of coffee

  • Remind resident just how much you appreciate them

  • Highlight a preferred employer & tag them if you can

  • Spotlight an amenity

Here are a few of my favorite ready-to-use Instagram Stories templates that are available to our Sprout Seedling Members.  

🌱Members: Grab them on the Digital Graphics section → IG Stories!