Improve Your Real Estate Listing with Compelling Copy

One look at Zillow or Trulia and you will undoubtedly see the thousands upon thousands of properties for sale. Each of them bring something unique to the table, but don’t necessarily stand out from the others.  

Now the next question, “How do you make yours stand out?”

Remember that Christina Aguilera song? “I am beautiful… no matter what they say.” Well, she may have had great advice for the teenager, but she had NO clue about real estate listings. Simply existing aimlessly will get you lost in 1,000,000 other pop songs... I mean real estate listings!

The absolute best listings have some distinct qualities about them. And if you’re a Realtor that has a clue, you will want to incorporate these into yours!

Your Headline: Make Them Stop the Scroll

Think of your headline like the subject line of your email. It will determine whether they stop or just keep scrolling. Put yourself in the shoes of your target market. What’s most important to them? Think in terms of offering the following:

  • More Time

  • More Money

  • More Happiness

Write in words that will speak to them.

Opening Statement:

Your opening statement is a preview of what’s to come. Take a few extra minutes to craft an opening statement that will make your potential buyer say, “Yes, that’s for me!”

In-Depth Property Description

This seems like an obvious one, right? It’s stunning how many descriptions appear lazy and ‘mass-produced’ on these platforms. Each and every property description should be unique and special to the individual property that you’re selling. Paint a picture of exactly what your property is, and include important ‘extra’ information. You are simply trying to highlight what makes your property special! Don’t miss the boat here.

Describe the Neighborhood

  • Most every buyer cares about the neighborhood in which a property is located. I don’t care what you have read on Google that says otherwise. For that reason alone, describe the neighborhood. Is it quiet? Are there kids that play outside often? Is it an HOA area? Subdivision with new building? Details matter, even within the neighborhood itself.

School District Information

  • Overlooked and underrated. That would describe school district information on these platforms.  While Zillow does an adequate job of listing the school district information, a simple statistic doesn’t do justice. Talk briefly about what the schools are like in the area, and their relative location to your property. Most of your buyers are going to have children; wouldn’t it be important to you?

WIIFM: What’s In It For Me?

Are you offering a special promotion or buying incentive? Make sure this stands out clearly. Example: Warranties, Special Financing Offers, Renovation Budget, etc.

Clear CTA: Where Do I Go From Here?

What do you ideally want your buyer to do now? It may be obvious for you, but a clear call-to-action can work wonders in turning eyeballs into a live lead. Example: Don’t miss out on this beauty! Click here to schedule a tour.

By taking a little time to make sure your copy is compelling, you are sure to stand out on Trulia, Zillow and all other online listings. Hey Sprouters, our new Real Estate Marketing Platform is coming soon! Get on the list to be the first to know:

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