Facebook Live: Outreach Marketing - The Influencer Approach

In a world of 24/7 technology, is there still a place for in-person outreach marketing? Does the idea of walking into a business to promote your apartment community seem like a waste of time? If you've ever felt this way, you're going to love this resource for Outreach Marketing: The Influencer Approach.

Here what you’ll learn:

  1. Why Outreach?

  2. How to Set Yourself Up for Success?

  3. Making it a No-Brainer

  4. A Few of Our Favorite Outreach Marketing Tips & Tools

  5. Utilizing The Influencer Approach to Marketing

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Hey guys! This is our third Facebook Live, and I’m super, super excited cause we’re going to be talking all about Outreach Marketing. If there’s anybody you know that needs to be on this tag them. Invite them to come. They can watch the replay, cause this is kind of a show and tell today. I have so much stuff to show you guys. And my goal today is to change the perception of how people view Outreach Marketing. Not only is it Facebook Live today, we are going to do this on Wednesday for the next four weeks, so not only is it that, but it’s also Love Your Pet Day.

Drop a comment and tell us, What's the name of your pet? My dog’s name is Jack. You guys probably have seen him on my story. He’s about a 120 lb Doberman that I definitely consider to be my baby. Who else has a pup or a kitty cat here? That's what today is, so let me know what your pet’s name is. Alright…let’s get to the topic at hand.

Today we're talking about Outreach Marketing and it's funny because I follow a lot of feeds and people really mixed about it. People love it or they hate it and I think it's for a different reasons. But whether your in a community or you’re a real estate professional, you need to stop operating in emergency mode. As a marketing firm we see this all the time. People only do Outreach Marketing when they get really desperate or start doing Facebook advertising when everything starts plummeting. That’s what I want to talk about and let’s challenge that mindset today with a little preparedness.

What happens when you Outreach? Well if you consistently outreach you're going to increase your leads. You’re going to increase your influence (and we're talking a little bit about influencer marketing later in the presentation), but if you don't you're always going to be operating in emergency mode.

I know when I was a property manager, I hated seeing that, all of a sudden, I had skips that I didn't know about until a certain point in the month and then I was hustling to make up my occupancy, and that was a tough place to be.

So Why Outreach?

Outreach does not always yield immediate results and that's the reality of the game. When that doesn’t happen sometimes we get frustrated. So I want you to think of this as just one piece of your marketing puzzle and not the full solution.

The big question is, “Is it still beneficial?” Here's what I want you to think about: the more rare that something is, the more beneficial that it can be.

Think of things that have been outdated. You used to send a handwritten card to someone and they would absolutely be excited to see it. Well years and years later, the fewer cards we send and get right? But when you do get a nice thank-you card, all of a sudden it makes your day.

You get it in the mail. It’s beautiful. It's a message from my friend. What once felt dated now comes back in into style. Whenever something is rare it becomes desirable. Think of Outreach Marketing like that. In an age of digital interactions where people are so used to getting all their messaging online, face-to-face interactions can be hugely powerful.

So how can we make those interactions count and how can we make them work for us for our communities and for our businesses (especially if our brand is ourselves).

The first myth that I want to debunk is this belief that it’s an either-or game. If you're doing your Outreach marketing that does not mean you cannot be doing things online (Facebook ads and things like that). In fact, the best way that we can expand our reach is when we partner these grassroot efforts with online digital support. It's that melding that really hits all the bases.

Marketing is a numbers game and increasing your efforts and remembering that different people communicate and bond in different ways is huge. The more we put ourselves out there, the more opportunities we have to close leads. The higher occupancy, and we all know what that means, higher occupancy means happier bosses, or for realtors, more lead generations. The more leads the more opportunities we have to get perspective buyers and sellers to become our clients.

Set A goal

The question is how do you outreach effectively knowing what we know about technology today? Well first of all you want to set up what your goal is. What's the number one thing you're wanting to do? Most people it’s “I want to get leads,” or “I want to get leases.” But think about how Outreach Marketing can have multiple goals. Think about what it is you want it to be. For some Outreach Marketing is just about raising awareness. For others it's about uncovering interest, somebody that just happens to need your services at just the right time. That's going to happen less with Outreach Marketing, but it does happen. Then the third, is finding cross promotion opportunities. In an age of influencer marketing looking for other brands that align with our brand, can only expand our brand. We talked about that a little bit last week with Lady Gaga, so get clear on your goal.

A lot of people will say “oh my gosh, Outreach Marketing is such a waste of time.” I have to tell you, our Sprout team offers a street team service,when someone just can’t do their outreach or just doesn’t have the staff or the knowledge of how to do it. Sprout can do it for them. People will ask, “Is that services something that's realistic?” And every time we're out on the street, we're we hear people tell us these common things:

I didn’t know that apartment community existed or I've never heard of that person. It could be an apartment that has been in their community for years and years and people had no idea it's there.

Another one is, I actually have somebody that I know that's looking, and right then and there you get a hot lead. Again that doesn't happen all the time, but sometimes in one day of outreach marketing that can happen, five or six times. The reality is, outreach is powerful.

Then the next thing that we hear is, oh my gosh I know about you or I would love to partner with you because of this, this, or that. And that is where influencer marketing piece is going to come in.

So get really clear on your goal and if you’re community manager sit with your team and say what's our goal and it might be that the goals all three.

Local Blitz

There's different types of Outreach marketing. One is where you're going to go local and you're in a blanket an area, that's really good for raising awareness. I love this kind of marketing for a Re-brand or if you’ve got a new team and you want to introduce yourself.

Remember the days when a new neighbor came in and you took them a pie or cookies? That's never happened to me, but it sounds beautiful and I've seen it in the movies and I think it would be awesome. It’s a powerful gesture that sticks with people and that's also something we can do. Reach out to new businesses, and welcome them to your neighborhood. Start forming alliances and building an Outreach Map.

When we do our street teams we hit anywhere from 35 - 40 businesses in a day. It's a grueling day and you're going one after another, but that's a great way to build an Outreach marketing list.

Set a schedule and a map, then visit as many businesses as you can. You will want to hit up Medical Centers. For Medical Center's it’s not just big hospitals that you want to think like the small Med-Clinics, the Private Practices. Any type of small businesses like car dealerships or even schools, I'll show you guys some stuff specific for those in a little bit when we do our Show and Tell. Those are the kinds of places that you want to visit. These are businesses that also influence a lot. You have businesses that are huge and then you have some smaller ones, for these I'm talking about smaller businesses where your blanketing an area.

Targeted Outreach: The Courtship

The next kind of outreach marketing is very targeted marketing. This is where you're trying to get your foot in the door in a preferred employers office. This one is not as easy. You're not going to walk in and get into a business that someone else would have a really hard time getting into immediately. For that there's going to be a little leg work, but there’s this awesome tool: GOOGLE.

You can research a business. Learn a little bit about them. Find out who's their HR person. If it's a huge company with a large number of employees they probably have a recruiting center or they have a housing center. If it's different types of schools or things like that, there's going to be a point person that you can talk to you so Google and then LinkedIn. Then tap your network within your own Community. Check your community and see do we have a resident that works there. We know that’s an obvious one but the questions are, “Have we done it? Have we done it recently? Are we picking a new preferred employer resident every single week or every single month and having them go to work for us with a really good, ‘what's in it for them?’”

Think about this period when you're trying to get your foot in the door as a courtship. You don't immediately bust down the door to have the greatest interaction and they're not going to commit right away. You have to slowly woo them. Once you have contact information send an email or a fun mailer.

Imagine you’ve done your research, you’ve found who the contact is you drop a fun eye catching item in a clear envelope, you put a label on it and a specific note like, “I'd love to get our foot in the door,” or “I'd love to connect with you” and it is fun.  This is inexpensive. A couple of bucks to send it out in the mail. If you're a luxury community or you want to take it up a notch go to your local bakery and get them to make something for you.

Again think about the business and see how you can get your foot in the door and then at work to set an appointment. For these bigger places you don't want to just interrupt their day. You want to have a little bit more of a relationship.

Now let’s talk about how to make sure that they actually want to give you the appointment. We talked earlier about how these are our Grassroots. These are our feet on the ground and we're going out there making these relationships. Now you're going to bundle it with your Facebook advertising or Instagram advertising.

Here is the deal: what’s true with Outreach, the same is true with social marketing. You don't want to just do it on and off. You want to have a consistent brand presence.

Lauren and I just talked about this yesterday at lunch, you might know that you need to take action on something but it takes multiple times. Let’s say that there's a vendor that’s been trying to get a hold of you to do something. They might email you once, and if that's not the right time you're going to gloss over that email. You might get a voicemail and maybe you're driving. You think, “oh I’ll get to that when I get to the office,” and you forget.

You need multiple reminders to take action. That's why outreach is so powerful when it's targeted with Facebook ads because it stays on top of the mind. Somebody says, “oh my gosh I saw that, that was in my feed.” Now there's this random girl that's walking in and saying, “I'm Barbara I'm with Sprout Apartments and I want to talk to you a little bit about what we do.”

Now they are associating what they're seeing in their personal time, their Facebook time with  this interaction in a business. It’s unexpected.

A couple of points with your Facebook ads, I'm not going to go crazy deep but I want to share some things you. You might want to do an ad type with 4 to 6 photos showcasing your top amenities, but think through: Who's your target market? Who are you trying to get after? And then showcase the amenities that actually makes sense for that market. Make sure that you're also showing interiors and then other amenities.

Again if we're about to get to Summer, and pools are hot, make sure that's one of the things that your showcasing. So a slideshow is a great way to showcase.

To Target, you can do a mile radius around the communities address, so your ad is by location like how you would do a normal Outreach. Probably not going past 10 miles. 5 to 7 miles maybe up to 10 for your Outreach Marketing area. That starts to create a Target Market.

You can also then target things like people's interests. Again if you can figure out a way to align those to your amenities like “fitness friendly” can help narrow your target.


Now a lot of people have questions about budgeting. If you want to make a splash, keep a consistent budget. $100 a month can go along way. Now that's for Facebook. I'm going to say targeting and budget is very similar for Instagram, depending on what you're doing. If you're in student housing you're going to have to totally increase especially when it's time to lock in those leases. For realtors, your ads are going to depend on what you can handle. If you've got a whole team of people or if it's just you depending on when your market is slow so be flexible with that. With Instagram ads, again a photo carousel works great with 4 - 7 photos. You guys will continue training on that.

Okay, so far we’ve learned that Outreach Marketing has different goals, we are looking to set those goals for what we are trying to do. The next thing we learned is we can plan a blanket Outreach Marketing to tie in with our online ads.

Make a spreadsheet with 35 - 40 businesses. It's much easier to hand it to your team member to pick up where you left off and to keep going. You start building that route and it gets easier to do it.

We learned relationships with bigger businesses take a little bit longer time. You're going to want to court them a little bit so do your research, send them an email, send them something fun in the mail. I was even thinking like, “if you want to do something always a fiesta @.” Keep it fun right? And keep in mind your target market as you bundle all of this with your Facebook and your Instagram ads to raise awareness.

If this is too much we offer street team as a service (If you guys want to check it out, that link that Camila shared, you guys can hear little bit more if you need a little help kicking off your Outreach marketing). But our strategy is exactly what I'm giving to you now. If you want to do it yourself, go for it. Increase those ads a few days before and a few days after so it's on top of their mind and then make sure going to those places within that 5 to 7 mile radius.

Making It Happen

Okay how do we make it actually happen when you schedule it? Just like anything else, if it’s not in our calendar, it's not going to happen. Schedule Outreach with your team. Have your Monday Team Meeting and plan out, “When are we going? Who's going to put it on the calendar?” Set a reminder if you have to. Make it a part of your weekly routine. Set it up as a recurring event and keep it consistent.

When To Outreach

I like to say, “Do outreach marketing when nobody else is doing do it.” Nobody’s doing it on a Monday. Nobody’s doing it at the beginning of the month. Nobody’s doing it in those cold winter months. Do it when nobody else is doing it and you'll get the results that nobody else is getting.

Now, aside from that, do it consistently. Time of day? I like to come early afternoon. I know for us, and I said this from day one when we started Sprout. We hit a slump around 2, and there’s nothing like coffee or little sweet treat. You know it's going to happen here, so when you walk in and you've got a goodie that's either giving them caffeine or sugar you are more likely to be received.


(see video for visual show and tell)

Now your Marketing Kit. You're going to want to have your flyers, your brochures, or your business cards. I like this size. This is an actual client I'll show you guys here. The Residence at Kirby there a Greystar Community. Beautiful Community. I love this sort of page flyers and let me show you why. When I'm building a little marketing kit or when we're going to go outreach marketing, these works so good on something like this. You get something that matches your design and you can put it in here or you can stick a bunch in and then you fill it with goodies.

For your marketing kit, you could do something like this. Go to Target’s dollar section. Monique from our team put these together, but let me show you guys what's really fun about these. Again the Sprouts Order Page Flyers slides right in, with a bunch of goodies. We've got some Starbucks Refreshers, not expensive but they add a punch. I'm telling you guys, we're going to see those admins, those gatekeepers (yes you want to bring goodies for everyone. I’m going to talk about that to) but bring a big goodie for the person that's your gatekeeper. Start building that relationship they're going to be the ones that are going to tell you how to get information to their employees.

The grab-and-go marketing kit, I know Tracy is on with us today, she used to work with us at Sprout and she's just amazing and she was always so good at Outreach, which is one of the reasons we hired her. She always carries her kit with her. It was in her car. It was ready to go. It was fully stocked.

If your team has it, or use a realtor have it with you, guess what? You're more likely to go do it. If I have to sit down and put all this stuff together on the day, it's probably not going to happen when everything else is coming in.

Okay next Pro Goodie Bag Tip. If you're bringing in big goodies. If you are going into a school district or you’re going into another business where they're going to probably open it up, make sure that everything inside is labeled with your information that way you guys get the credit.

However you do it, make sure that you do like a nice display. We used to do these, my team is going to die because this is a really old design but I wanted to show it’s a foam board. So you can print any of your own designs or Sprout flyers on these foam boards and then you attach a little paper easel and it sits right next to your goodies. You can do the same quarter page too. What I love about them is business sometimes love how professional they look and then they're willing to do it. A little more of an investment but it can be a lot of fun.

Surprise and Delight

The next thing is, I want you to think about the idea of “Surprise and Delight.” Every single day people are working to get into the mundane habit of what's going on. One of the best things that you can do marketing is to Surprise and Delight. Like I was saying a while ago with the flip flop, I’ve gotten one of these in the mail once. Now people send me this kind of stuff because I teach about it. Most people don’t get things like that.

Something else I was going to say is, when you walk into a business what are you going to wear? You could be professional but it’s also ok to have some fun with that. We had a team doing that went out with their gym wear, like 1980s gym wear, because they were promoting their fitness center and their heart smart units. Again it’s different and surprising. Imagine if you walk in and you're wearing one of these party hats (and I’m telling you today is going to be ridiculous) so you walk in with something and all of a sudden it snaps a person to attention.

Always be looking to Surprise and Delight.

Calendar Tie-Ins

The best way is to tie it into something that people are already talking about. If you have your pens I want you to write some stuff down, if you're a sprout member you have all of these dates inside Sprout Daily Dose and all the resources to bring it to life but if you’re not a member I still want to share these dates with you.

March 1st is Employee Appreciation Day. March 6th is Dentist Day. (I don't know why I had to go like this like as if I was showing my teeth to the dentist) but imagine it’s Employee Appreciation Day, and I walk in the door saying, “Hey I'm Barbara I just wanted to bring you a little goody for Employee Appreciation Day. We're from Sprout Apartments. We're just about 3 minutes down the road and I wanted to bring you some goodies and how are you doing? How’s your day?” Super personal. Super friendly. Surprising and Delightful. I'm just another human being down the road and I want to bring something for you. Your making a personal connection and tying it back to something fun. We take pictures. We post them on Instagram. We tag the business. If the person's up for it, it's a fun interruption of their day. Surprise and Delight.

Another one. So you’ve got Employee Appreciation, Dentist Day, we have International Women's Day. So if there's Women Owned businesses. Celebrate that. Bring goodies in for them. March 12th. This one, I'm telling you, this one is important. Girl Scout Cookie Day. How cute would it be if you put your little goodies together of Girl Scout cookies and that's what you took out to businesses and say “Hey we’re XYZ Apartment Community and we are celebrating Girl Scout Cookie Day. We brought you some Girl Scout cookies. Which one's your favorite?” Make it interactive. I guarantee you, the biggest grump in the business is still going to be excited to get some of those cookies. What's your favorite cookie? Make sure that you can talk about it, make a personal connection.

International Day of Happiness March 20th. Bring donuts. Happiness = Donuts. Same thing. We have Home Sweet Home Day on March 21st. Chips and Dip Day and the National Crayon Day. Maybe very specific to communities that are targeting young ones or schools or things like that.

When you think about that, think about how you can come in, tie it into something fun, make your goodie match, and then wear fun clothes. This is where the buddy system comes in.

I know a lot of you guys are working with referral partners or you're working with sister communities that are in the same area; but maybe you're after different or similar demographics based on location. You go in, bring a buddy with you. You get dressed up. Make it fun. Either dressed super professional or dress with something fun. If it's about to be summer, a luau shirt whatever it is, bring it to life with your marketing.

Remember marketing is supposed to be cheesy. It's supposed to break people out of their rut. Then look for ways to Market your amenities. Simple examples. Again super old design, if you’re a Sprout Member you know we've got designs that are brand new for all of this but: little packet of chalk and then a little Sprout design for teachers. How cute is that?

And then we've done some other ones I love just like (again I've got this out of the closet) but the “Highlight of the Year for Teachers.” Teachers spending their own dollars how fun would that be to take in? Our “Heart Smart and Healthy,” I’ve done updated campaigns. There's multiple ones in here, but what I love about those is, if it's a bigger location you can take some goodies maybe in a bag or a smaller one and tell somebody, “Pick whatever you want out of this grab bag” and that's a fun way.

Have an idea about what your trying to market and who your target market is.

This one I love, if you guys can see, just the idea is “Decadent, Indulgent Lifestyles.” Mason jars, one of my favorite things, you can buy them in bulk and load them up with different goodies depending on the season, depending on where you're going.

And then if your a Sprout Member you know we have a bajillion flyers from the fun, the cheesy to super-luxe, to whatever, just pair it with your goodie and bring it to life.

You guys a lot of the stuff I’m showing you is Sprout related, but a lot of you do it on your own and that's cool. I just wanted to show you some of the resources that you have available.

Okay so what to say, start with just being personable and friendly.

Now we're going to jump to talking about influence. Influence is a transference of energy. The person that comes in with the most enthusiasm and the most energy, they are going to pass that on to somebody else. You all know that friend, they just always comes in with so much life and they're so excited. Doesn't matter what they're talking about, they have bought in and now you have bought in because they're so excited about it. That's how we need to be about our Communities, about ourselves as our own business. When we do that, when we come in with that energy, were going to be more likely to connect with our audience.

The second piece to that is: show personal interest. Look around where you are going. What’s on their desk? Do you see pictures of their kiddos? Is there something that tells you what's going on? Read their face. If they look like they're too busy, you're going to be in and out. Be able to read those emotional cues and then have an elevator pitch ready.

When I'm walking into a business I have to know what is in it for them. I can go in saying, “I'm Barbara, we are literally three stops signs down the road,” or “I’m Barbara. I work in this area and I have something I want to show you that’s going to help you guys.” Again, What’s in it for them? Make it memorable. Make it personal. Don’t forget to then, document your efforts. For all of us, we are trying to build an Outreach Marketing Route. So this will be part of our routine.

Make marketing A No-Brainer

I said that earlier but themes help, like a Marketing Monday, a Preferred Employer Tuesday. If you or your team knows we're going to Preferred Employers every Tuesday. I might need to dress up a little bit nicer on Tuesdays. Drive-Thru Thursdays, that to me is one we can do any day. It's where we always have our goodies with us and when we go pick up food in the drive-thru, or we're going to get our dry cleaning, or we're getting our nails done, we're leaving our goodies with us.

If we have a team investing in some T-shirts that are branded but fun (remember conversation starters. We need to talk triggers like j-bear always says) something that's fun that's going to be memorable. When we have that, we all go out to eat as a group for breakfast or lunch or whatever we can do we can get away for, then people are going to ask, “hey what are you guys about?” Where it’s just one more touch point to a client or contact.  

Prepare. Schedule. Part of making Outreach happen, is making it a No Brainer.

Influencer Thinking

All right now the part that you guys probably have been waiting for, the Influencer Marketing Part! I want to take a few minutes to talk about how we can take what's happening in the influencer world and apply it to our Housing Industry.

Now a days, you guys have probably seen on Facebook or Instagram, there are these influencers. They’re people that are their own personal brand have gained a following. They hold influence over certain people so brands partner with them and they get paid to talk about a product. Some are super genuine and it's stuff that they love. Others do, you know, they're promoting every single thing every single day.

Influencers have an influencer kit. I actually follow one you guys might know “Jenna Kutcher the Gold Digger” and I'm always interested to see their strategies and then pair it right back to multifamily and real estate. So Jenna Kutcher has a Media Kit for being an influencer and what she shares are her stats. For example her stats are: she has 300,000 monthly page views. 120,000 unique monthly visitors. 60% are returning visitors. On and on. Almost 4 million downloads to her goal Digger podcast. Email list subscribers. Any thing she can use. And then she has a Media Kit for her social following. And what it says is that she's got over 450,000 that are viewing her posts on a daily basis on average for Facebook 52,000, for Pinterest 140,000, and Twitter 3,000.

This is just two pages of a seven-page and I kind of printed it bad. And yes, she's in her undies. She's a Body-Positivity advocate. So she’s braver than I would be. No chance of that happening. But anyway, what I love about this is, she has her kit that sells her importance as an influencer with tangible numbers.

Most people don't like to go Outreach Marketing because they feel that their soliciting or they're asking for something. And I want us to step back from this idea. I’ve talked about this for 10 years before influencer marketing was a thing and this is why now it's like gold. We, as apartment communities or realtors that are locally known in our industry, are influencers of certain markets.

I want to talk about the apartments for a minute. Our communities represent massive buying power. When you get 200, 300 families that are going and they're living at your community, you know what they've said? They’ve said, “Barbara and my family are believing in this product, and Sprout Apartments for example, we are giving our at loyalty at least at this point during this lease, to this community.

Guys companies are dying to get in front of the right markets and when your community, again it's local and there's businesses surrounding you that are dying to get in front of those people. So when we walk into a business and say, “[timidly] Hi, I'm Barbara can I leave some flyers on a on the countertop?” All of a sudden we diminish the value that we bring.

Let’s talk about that email we wrote when we were trying to get in front of the right people. What if we change our message and we think through like Jenna Kutcher did about the influence she has. Now I'll ask, especially if you're an apartment or student housing community, make sure that you get corporate approval for what you are willing and not willing to share but some of the stats that you can share are: how many people live at your community, you could share your average occupancy, your average rate of renewal, you could share the average rate of your apartment homes (so maybe you don't want to reveal income but maybe your income requirements are three to four times so that gives somebody a range), you could showcase the type of events that you do in your community. For example, “We recently had x event this was our attendance rate, this is our renewal rate, this is the type of person that buys from us.

Now when you are going to a business and you present yourself as the influencer all of a sudden we're not asking to leave a stack of flyers as a favor; we're coming in and we're adding real significant value to a business. And that’s just one way that we can do that. Other times it's a cross-promotion opportunity. Think about it, advertising is hard right? We do these targeted ads to get in front of the right people. But if our business is dropped right in the middle of all the surrounding businesses would you venture to say that we are the target demographic for those businesses, and we also venture to say their clients could potentially be our clients? If we answer yes, which I think most will, remember that people pay to get in front of your residents or to get in front of your following, and when they do: Like Attracts Like.

Don't give away your services. Be okay to go in, and do a pitch and put a little effort like these influencers do and building your brand. When people go back and look at your Instagram and they look at your Facebook, Are we showcasing resident testimonials? Are we showing the events that we’re doing? If we’re a realtor, are we talking about what we're offering in value? How many homes we’ve sold? How many people we’ve helped connect to a house? What kind of things are we sharing regularly that really showcase our expertise and our influence?

So guys I was trying to keep us to 37 minutes it has been awesome to have all of you on. If you want to schedule a demo with the Sprout team remember the code word is “corn tortillas” the link is in the comments and we will buy you a cup of coffee! In addition to that, if you want somebody else to watch this, tag them in the comments so that they see it.

Next week, I hope you all join me it's going to be really fun we're going to do a marketing plan for the month of March so I'm going to give you a calendar all the fun dates that are coming up and some ideas for Outreach, Renewals, Referrals and for our Sprout members, this is going to be awesome because you guys will have all the resources to then go and do it to. So another show and tell, next Wednesday at noon. So we'll see you guys later and thanks for joining me. Bye, for now!

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