Make Giving Easy at Your Apartment Community

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Thinking about hosting a charitable event at your community in the months to come? It's well worth your effort. Events that support local charities such as food, clothing and toy drives are important for several reasons:

  • They build community. These events give your residents an outlet for their generosity that they might not otherwise have. Do they know where they can donate canned food? Maybe not. Do they need a gentle reminder that they may have one too many winter coats? Probably so. Hosting charitable events makes it easier for your residents to give back and feel good about themselves.

  • It’s the right thing to do. So many of us are fortunate to have more than we need in just about everything- food, clothing, even a few bucks. Giving back to the community even in small ways can have a positive ripple effect through your area. If we all do something small when we can, the community will benefit in big ways. And we can all feel good about that.

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Sprout Members: In the month of November, you can download your instant printable Community Toy Drive design.  

  • Step One: Attach this design to a collection box and set out in a high-traffic area at your community. The leasing office is a great spot!

  • Step Two: Set the pace by filling the box with a couple of toys courtesy of your team.

  • Step Three: Post reminder notices throughout the community.

  • Step Four: Use your corresponding Sprout social graphics to remind your residents on your social media sites.

  • Step Five: Keep residents engaged by posting progress updates via email, resident newsletters, and social meeting.

Want to host a different charity event? No problem! We have large variety of designs ready for your customization!