Save Time and Mental Energy with the Full-Circle Approach

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Last month I was speaking to a group of property managers, and I asked the question, "Who has time to spare?" Of course, they all just about shot daggers at me. The notion of time to spare is pretty much ludicrous. 

The question, although it seemed asinine (why do I love that word so much!), wasn't meant to frustrate. The goal was to start the conversation of operating with a maximum for minimum mentality; getting more out of less. 

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One of my favorite maximum for minimum hacks as a property manager is the full-circle approach to marketing and retention. 

Here's how simple it can be: 

1. Make a plan. Pick ONE theme or initiative for the month. 
2. Start on your home turf. Carry out this theme for your resident welcomes, renewals, referrals and events for the entire month. 
3. Stick with the same theme for your apartment outreach marketing. 
4. Make ONE run to the grocery store to pick up everything you need to bring these ideas to life. 
5. Make it a team effort to put together your welcomes, renewals, referrals, events, and outreach marketing. 
6. Watch your efforts Sprout month-after-month. 

Check out our Thankful Full-Circle Campaigns. Sprout Members: Grab it HERE

Every month, we offer our Members a variety of full-circle campaigns to use at their communities. It is the number one way we offer our Sprout Members the maximum for minimum. The investment in The Membership is small, but the return is HUGE! 

Who knows, you just might have a little time to spare! 

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