Put Your Resident Events to Work!

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October is National Pizza Month, but there’s no reason not to take advantage of this easy theme year-round.

Pizza parties are easy and economical and EVERYONE loves pizza, right? 94 percent of Americans eat pizza regularly and pizza accounts for 10% of all food sales.

Internal Pizza Initiatives:

  • Make it simple by ordering pizzas from a chain or go more gourmet with Make-Your-Own Pie night.

  • Choose a few residents each week and offer them free pizza and salad for the entire family delivered to their door. Work your way through your resident list or start with your longest term residents. Be sure to don your fake mustache and checkered apron for the big delivery.

  • Have a crazy topping bar for residents to go wild. Some people like crushed red peppers, ranch dressing, banana peppers, jalapeños, grated Parmesan and more.

  • If you can’t afford to give away the pizza, make a deal with a local chain for a reduced delivery for your residents or coupons just for them. Every little bit helps.