Your Sprout Apartment Marketing and Resident Retention Plan for November

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A simple thank you note to welcome new residents can go a long way. 

A simple thank you note to welcome new residents can go a long way. 

Continually remind your residents of your referral bonuses! 

Continually remind your residents of your referral bonuses! 

SPROUT MEMBERS: It's time to start prepping your apartment marketing and resident retention for November. (Yep, we want you to take one thing off your to-do list!)

It's easy to lose a little steam as the year comes winding down. It's like our bodies and minds want to go into hibernation mode! But we can't let our marketing and retention go into hiding. Have you ever heard it said, "Summer bodies are made in the winter"? It's the same thing with our communities. The work we do in the winter months pays off all year round, so don't stop hustling! 


Here are a few things you'll find in the November calendar. 
This month we are releasing three unique campaigns: 

 True Comfort, Pure Plaid, & The Essentials

  • 100+ Ready-to-use digital graphics for email marketing, social media, and your website
  • 25+ Stock photos featuring warm amenities and mustaches for Movember
  • Instant, printable downloads for renewals, referrals, and welcome notices
  • Hosting a Resident Appreciation Week? We've got you covered with six easy ways to say thanks (Instant Downloads to match!)

What's the best way to use your calendar? 
Step One: Plan
Print it, download it, or save it to your desktop. 
Step Two: Collaborate
Meet as a team and decide on what you want to do for outreach marketing, what resident events you'll host, what you'll be highlighting on social media, how you'll welcome new residents to your community, and how you'll encourage renewals and referrals. 
Step Three: Print Your Instant Downloads                                     Each month you get tons of Instant Downloads that require ZERO customization. These are ready-to-use! Check out a sample to the left. 
Step Four: Order Your Customized Designs from Sprout             We have tons of new designs for you to discover in November. 
Step Five: Assign & Schedule
Decide who will be responsible for each to do and schedule it on your BLANK calendar. You can find the link on the November 1st square of your calendar. 
Step Six: Making It Happen
It's time to put in the legwork! 

Sprout Members: Need a little extra help planning this month? Email