FB Live: Your March Marketing Planning Session with Barbara & Lauren

Multifamily peeps! Let’s start planning your community marketing and retention for March!

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Start Here:

Your planning kit

Sprout Ideas Calendar

Blank Monthly Calendar

Blank Weekly Calendar

Marketing Checklist


Making Your Planning Session Work for You

  1. High Level Monthly Plan

    1. Print the Sprout Idea Calendar. Review and circle a few things you want to do for the month.

    2. Transfer those dates to your blank monthly calendar.

  2. Weekly Focus Plan

    1. Print out your blank weekly calendar.

    2. Use this to kick off a team meeting.

    3. Have each team member take accountability for one portion. You’ll work as a team, but in the end, each person owns their project.

      1. Example:

        • Monday - Post social media “tag” referral campaign - Alex

        • Tuesday - Put together outreach packet and visit two preferred employers - Jenny

        • Wednesday - Print out and post renewal letters for April/May renewals - Suzanne

        • Thursday - Prep for kids coloring event - Jenny

        • Friday - Post pictures from event on social - Alex

  3. Use your Sprout Marketing checklist to make sure you cover all the essentials for the month. This includes outreach, renewals, referrals, events, resident notices, and social media.

A Few March Daily Dose Previews For You

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Spring Cleaning Social Media Challenge: Click here to download a sample Sprout Daily Dose. 

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