Twitter For Real Estate

Twitter is a social media machine. Whether you’ve heard about it in the news, or you have an account and are just not sure how to get started, or you are using it and want to boost your engagement; Sprout has some tips to help you out and get your Tweets to #levelup. But it can be confusing and with so many different suggestions it’s hard to know when to start. Not every tip is going to work for every industry so let’s take a look at the best ways to use Twitter for Real Estate in 2019.

Why Tweet?

Twitter is all about spreading new relevant, content quickly. You usually see todays biggest and most relevant celebrities, politicians and news articles spreading like wildfire across your feed. But when you look at it closely Twitter is like a game of communication Hot Potato. Tweets go out and if they are interesting users pass it along as quick as they can to the next person.

Can you imagine how quickly a new incredible property posting would sweep across a network of people looking for housing? With the right posts, the Twitter community will do much of the work for you.  Don’t believe me? Let me hit you with some facts.

  • 326 million monthly ACTIVE users

  • Over 500 million tweets sent PER DAY

  • 80% of Twitter users access it with a mobile device

  • Over 20% of all internet users access Twitter

Of course not everyone on Twitter is looking for a home in your area, but using Twitters built-in platform opportunities we can help you better find your next client.

BRand, Brand, Brand!

Ok you Sprouters know how big we are on brand building. Twitter is no exception. Your Twitter page, your image, every single tweet you make is a representation of who you are and what your business is. (We have plenty of resources to help you hone your Brand) but lets look at how to make you shine on Twitter:

  • Photos: Make sure your banner, profile photo, and any photos of your properties are professional and pleasing to look at. Tweets with images see a 5X higher engagement rate, so take your time to get a good photo. That first impression makes a big difference on how people see you and your properties. Do NOT skimp. Good photos (and photographers) are worth it.

  • Voice: Brands that just tweet out facts like: “New Property Listing,” or “House For Sale” are bound to be ignored on the platform. You have to Tweet like a human talking to another human. Be personal. Share who you are. It doesn’t have to be over the top or crazy. Just you. (This goes for your profile image too). Think of a tweet as something that is actually coming out of your mouth and you will notice how much better people will respond to them.

  • Think Local: In order to really connect with your people make sure you include tweets that speak to them and their lives. Talk about restaurants and events that are happening in your market area, whether thats a neighborhood, a city, a state. It is so much easier to start a conversation with people you have things in common with. (Bonus: Tag local business)

  • The 80/20: Your Twitter page is a business but it is also your personality. Mix up your Sales and Promotion tweets (20%) with fun, interesting, engaging content: blogs, videos, personal thoughts and stories (80%).

Growing your Network

Gaining followers on Twitter doesn’t even require you to know every specific individual. Consistently posting great properties at fair prices will certainly gain you an extensive number of followers of whom you have never met.   This will not only work to expand your potential client base, but it will also build your reputation as a Realtor who values quality in their properties.  The logic here is pretty simple, right? The more people who follow me, the more eyes see my property listing, and the more likely it is that the right buyer sees my property.

But Twitter is more than just a place to find clients. It’s also a place to build your reputation in the industry. Building a reputation on Twitter as a prominent Realtor will most certainly catch the attention of other prominent Realtors.  This allows you to further extend your sphere of influence to people ‘that other Realtor’ followers. This benefits YOU by spreading your reputation as a prominent Realtor.

So Followers, other Realtors, and the final: Community. You are a community member and leader. Twitter is a great way to interact with it. Talk to other businesses and leaders and become better known in the community you serve. Start a tweet with @(insert name of twitter user) and you are sending a public conversation. This is a great way to grow your network. Remember a big part of any social media is being SOCIAL!

Client Interactions

There is no better way to learn about your customer base than to interact with them on a daily basis. Search by hashtags or locations to find people and topics that are important to your area. You can use these to better interact with your clients. Remember that 80%? You can retweet your clients good content, you can respond to their comments, and answer their questions about anything. It doesn’t have to be Real Estate, but it does have to be in your Brand Voice. Think of Twitter as a canvas to paint the image of your brand. The Twitter community will notice and respond: it always does!

Twitter, A powerful tool for real estate pros

Twitter is a powerful tool that is [arguably] the easiest of all social media to use. The speed of interaction and communication on this platform is second to none. If your desire is solely to spread the word of your hot, new property listing, Twitter can work wonderfully. Don’t worry about how many times a day or at what time. Take your time making quality posts, quality interactions, and working in your community to better build your presence in your community.

Our Daily Dose Method will show you exactly how to increase your advertising reach as well as specifically target client segments within the massive real estate market. There are unlimited possibilities when it comes to advertising practices and techniques. Sprout will show you how to create, implement, and grow your promotional strategy to rival even the biggest brands in the industry! Our new Real Estate Marketing Platform is coming soon! Get on the list to be the first to know.


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