Growing Your Real Estate Presence Through Facebook: New Ways to Improve Your Reach

Hey Sprouters, it’s time we talk about the ever-changing Facebook. The long reigning king of social media has been, and will probably continue to be Facebook. Any Realtor worth their weight in salt has a dedicated Facebook page. Facebook provides easy access to all of the people that make your real estate business work. You can sit in your recliner at home, interact with thousands of followers by simply logging on and responding to interest. Needless to say, building this following is absolutely crucial to your long-term social media success. But how do you gain that attention? How can we make your Facebook experience better?

Creating and Naming Your Facebook Pages

Anyone with a Facebook account can create a new page. One of the big questions that comes up is, should I create multiple pages? The answer is…maybe. If you are a realtor that specializing in different markets (either geographically or by type of real estate you sell/buy), creating multiple pages may the the route for you.

A couple of things to ask yourself:

  • Do I have enough time to provide valuable content to multiple pages?

  • Will I be diluting my message with multiple pages?

  • Can I avoid sharing too much duplicate content?

If you can provide localized and engaging content on multiple pages, then this might be the route for you.

Now when it comes to naming your page, give it a little thought. If you’ve been a realtor for many years in your market and your name is recognizable, then only using your name on your Facebook page could be a good strategy. But I encourage you to think about the ways that people are searching.

If you are a Realtor in Las Vegas, you may title your page “John Doe xxxxx Real Estate, Las Vegas”. When a user searches for real estate in your area, your Facebook page will show up not only on their platform, but on popular search engines as well.  This strategy can help position you as THE go-to realtor in your market or field of expertise.

Join Group Discussions

Yes, the real estate space is competitive. But that doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself online. There are thousands of groups on Facebook within your industry. Embrace this!

Instead of treating them as competition, use their platform as a way to interact and build relationships that might be difficult to do in person. Interact [professionally] with users on other group platforms and invite them to yours. Show yourself knowledgeable about your market. Look for opportunities to add real value to others within the group. In time, you will find great opportunities to cross-promote or partner up with other realtors in markets across the United States. This will work wonders in growing your following and building a referral network.

Provide Useful Content

The most effective strategy to increasing worthwhile following to your Facebook page is by providing really useful content.  People who are viewing your page are likely either in the market, looking for home ideas on future purchases or starting down the thought process of potentially selling. With that being said, create FAQ videos that answer some common questions your potential client may have. You’re goal is to be helpful even when there is no immediate payoff. This is a long-term strategy that compounds over time to yield huge results. Bonus Point: Infuse your personality. There are a million realtors, but only one of you! Bringing your unique perspective will attract the type of clients that you want to work with.

The bottom line is increasing your Facebook following is a an important task that should be actively pursued by useful communications with your target demographic and industry peers. Take advantage of the open landscape of Facebook and get your name out there to the people that matter to your brand.  

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