Location Matters: How to Market Your Apartment's Location

Where we live matters and a large amount of apartment marketing involves marketing your location. Sometimes location can be really desirable, and sometimes it isn’t. We’re sharing some location campaigns and marketing slogans that help your prospects imagine living HERE!

Residents prefer to live close to their work or school so they can spend more time doing what they enjoy instead of commuting. Do you know what your resident likes to do on their off-time? Is it spending time with family? Relaxing? Happy hour? Getting outside? Know who your target market is and then paint that lifestyle for your prospective renter. It really is that simple. 

Marketing to the Prospective Urban Renter: Taglines That Work

Some people might look at living downtown as kind of a bummer, depending on the city. But some might love it. Focus on what makes downtown living one-of-a-kind. 

We were hired to work on a campaign focused on downtown living. We created taglines by drawing on specific perks related to apartment living.

What would be awesome about people with pets living downtown? And we said, downtowners live without fences, right? Because the entire city can basically be their playground.

Then we came up with downtowners push the limit, maybe with their exercise routine. So, they're not running on a treadmill, they're running on the city streets because they love the energy of the city.

Downtowners walk to the action. Right? Because everything is walkable downtown.

Are you in a cultural area with music and arts? That's where "Downtowners really hear the music" comes into play.

So get really creative, and know your market.

Ask yourself, what do the people that live downtown LOVE about living downtown? Then craft your marketing around that or work with an advertising agency to bring it to life. 


Help Your Prospects and Residents Fall in Love with Your Unique Neighborhood

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Most neighborhoods have their own unique architecture, culture and feel. Your social media pages can be the perfect platform for marketing your surrounding neighborhood. Get a pulse on the surrounding area and help your prospects picture themselves living at your community and finding their happy place. 

This Happy Place neighborhood design lets you promote all of the hot spots around your community. 

"Your new address is a food lover’s paradise. Step outside to culinary delights just footsteps from your front door!"

The samples you see here are part of our The Sprout Blue Lagoon Collection. Members: Search BLUE LAGOON on the Members-Only Site and get this design customized and immediately download the Instagram Story to use tomorrow! 


Love the idea of location marketing? Become a Sprout Member to an all-access pass  here .

Love the idea of location marketing? Become a Sprout Member to an all-access pass here.


If you’re in a business area with young professionals, happy hour is a staple. Bars and restaurants in the United States generate over 60% of their average weekly sales from happy hour alone.

So whether you’re close to their work or close to a happy hour hot spot, show how easy it is to treat yourself to a drink and cheap eats after a day at the office.


Take your "Happy Hour" Marketing to the Next Level:

  1. Share some of your favorite neighborhood restaurants and bars.

  2. Map them out and show how many minutes it takes to get to them.

  3. Regularly share favorite appetizers, drink specials, and events on your social media. Cross-promoting local businesses can be the number one way to form win-win relationships with business owners.

  4. Invite some of these businesses to your next event!

"Happy Hour sooner when you live closer to work!"



How is your walkscore? You can look up your walkscore, bike score and transit score here and if they are good, include it in your advertising. What’s within walking distance? Tell your prospects what they can walk to from your community.

How highly rated is your school district? Check out your school district rating here. Families with school-aged children will often select their next home based on the school district reputation. If you are in an especially desirable school district, shout it from the rooftops. Order a banner that says, "We love our (school district) staff!" Post about it on social media. Be involved in their local events. 

“Sprout Apartments, located in the award-winning ABC School District!”

Sometimes, it costs a small fortune to upgrade your location. 


So how important is location? The answer? VERY! It's all about location, location, location! But if you don't market it, no one may ever know just how valuable your urban location is! So get started with your location marketing today. 

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