Stand up and Sprout!

what we do

At Sprout Marketing we serve one of the largest communities of professionals in the housing industry.

We believe that the home is the most important place in people's lives. The property managers and realtors, who devote their careers to helping others find their homes, are special people who deserve to think bigger because they have the support of experts like us.

Through our marketing platform, we've helped thousands of housing professionals leave the inevitable marketing-overwhelm behind and step into a whole new world. A world where their marketing is not only effective, but fun and can be implemented in just minutes a day.

It's incredibly exciting (and fulfilling) work!

Sprout does all the heavy lifting! We combine proven strategies, beautiful assets and simple daily actionables to help our clients execute results. Our goal is for our clients to leave behind the headache of marketing and focus on what really matters… connecting people to their new homes.

We are just getting started. Join us as we scale to new markets and reshape the way people look at marketing home.

-By the way…we’re Barbara & Lauren, Sprout Co-Founders and Lifelong BFF’s!

This is How we do it

(bonus points for singing it in Montell Jordan’s voice!)


Serve, grow and impact are the values by which we approach our work on a day-to-day basis.

When a team approaches their work with a consistent set of values high trust, high engagement, high accountability and stellar results follow.


A SERVICE MINDSET: Everyone on our team understands that people are at the center of what we do. Showing kindness and empathy, both with our clients and with each other, trumps being efficient at any cost. We check egos at the door, listen to each other’s suggestions and are open to direct and constructive feedback. We take our work very seriously, but not ourselves.


CONTINUOUS GROWTH: We are forever learners and love to surround ourselves with learners. Complacency is a bad word around here. Everyone on the team has access to continue their growth through online training courses, books, and one-on-one coaching.


MAKING A GREATER IMPACT: It’s not just a job. It’s not just about knocking things off the to-do list. We are working to build something meaningful and lasting that can have a real impact on the people we serve. We never lose sight of our big picture. Everyone is responsible for taking the company to the next level. Everyone matters.

RELENTLESSLY PURSUING POSSIBILITIES: We don’t do mediocre or complicated. We strive to build a stronger, smarter team by hiring people who are better than us in their craft. We are a small (but mighty) team of solution-seekers that take ownership of projects. We collaborate to find the simple path to creating products and services that our clients are blown away with.

SNACKS AND WALKS: We’ve found that there are few things that can’t be fixed with a snack and a walk around the office (basically we are puppies). We believe in indulging in both regularly.


We’re chill with a dose of obsessive.

We’re classy with a splash of sassy.

We’re humble. We’re passionate. We’re focused.


Why Join our team

Hear it from some of our peeps….

Here we grow again


To improve the success rate of our clients (and all-around make their lives easier), the Customer Service Specialist plays a vital part in making sure we provide exceptional assets in a timely manner. We turn around hundreds of designs each week to our clients and submit a large portion of these designs to various printers. We also help our clients choose designs and assets that best fit their needs.

We are seeking a Customer Service Specialist whose role would include sending completed designs to clients for approval, submitting orders to our online printers, helping clients book services, and understand how to implement our product. This role requires extreme attention to detail and the ability to complete repetitive tasks throughout the day.


  • Proof designs prior to sending to client

  • Follow detailed instructions on how to send each proof to client

  • Follow up and request approval on designs that have been sent to client

  • Process approved print orders of final designs for clients through online printers

  • Follow up and confirm that prints have been delivered

  • Work with clients and subcontractors to schedule services that include travel arrangements and detailed reporting

  • Provide assistance to clients via telephone, email or our chat service to help them utilize their membership

Basic Qualifications:

  • Excellent grammar and proofing skills

  • Excellent written & verbal skills

  • Strong attention to detail

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Ability to focus on repetitive tasks

  • Background in print and design preferred

This position is NOT for a person who:

  • Is looking for a "side" or "in-between job" while working on other projects

  • Already has a lot going on and doesn't have the time, energy or focus needed to complete quality work

  • Has difficulty completing detailed projects from start to finish

  • Has difficulty following processes and procedures that are already in place

Bye, Felicia.

This position IS for a person who:

  • Is fanatical about helping others solve their problems

  • Is resourceful and not afraid to ask questions

  • Can handle high-stress situations and hard deadlines

  • Takes pride in hand-holding clients through their client journey

  • Is not locked in to just working "9-5" but embraces an "until it is done" attitude

  • Enjoys team cooperation

  • Is highly organized and efficient

  • Takes pride in your work

  • Is not afraid of new challenges

  • Enjoys learning new skills and processes

  • Adapts well to a changing environment

  • Can juggle lots of moving pieces and remain focused and collected

  • Enjoys sharing workspace with team members