What I Wish I’d Known about Marketing & Retention When I was a Manager

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First up, we are sharing the #1 Tool we featured on the webinar, The Sprout Seedling Membership. 

The Seedling Membership will be perfect for you if you can check off 3 out 4 of these.

Let’s go:

  • You are a multifamily professional with too much on your plate. Whether you are a community manager that is hustling to make an impact at your community, or a regional manager that wants to rally her team to hit their goals, you have a lot to do and sometimes it feels like too much. Add in marketing, retention, social media and all of a sudden you're starting to feel like it’s just too much.

  • You value your time and mental energy. We talked a lot about this on the webinar and I can’t emphasize it enough—let’s conserve our bandwidth. Our time and mental energy have limits (and so does our sanity!) Time is 100% non-replaceable… and I don’t know about you, but if I can find a way to automate something and get more of an ROI on my time, I’m in.

  • You realize that your marketing and retention are critical in the overall success of your community. All roads lead to leases and renewals at the end of the day. You’re pumped about the prospect of attracting those dream residents with a systemized format that is not only easy to implement, but results driven.

  • You want to kick serious butt in your career (and everywhere else). You're the kind of gal (or guy) that isn’t satisfied with just being okay. You want to be the best that you can be at your 9-5 by retaining the majority of your residents through hosting awesome resident events, creating killer renewal campaigns and making every resident touchpoint count, and drive traffic through outreach marketing and fun follow-up. But you don’t have to be so worn out from your 9-5 that you aren’t any good at the 5-9 (for family, friends, and the furry babies!) You don’t have to be, with the right tools and partners.

So how’d you score? 

Less than 3? I’d pass on The Seedling Membership if I were you—and that’s ok! Maybe later will be a better fit! 


Well then.

Come on inside and let The Seedling Membership work for you.


Each month you will Have Access To...

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 12.58.58 PM.png

Plus monthly calendars, a training library like no other, and even customized designs*

*Customized designs available at member pricing


Here's a little video from me giving you a peEk inside The Seedling Membership (and my vintage Airstream office)! 


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