Medical Marketing and March Madness at Your Apartment Community

Medical Marketing is a Slam Dunk! This week we have two big themes coming together: Doctors’ Day on March 30 and March Madness continues!



Medical marketing is a must-do all year but you can really bring it home this week. To entice those in the medical field, focus on your relaxing features, such as your sparkling pool, hiking trails, and spacious bedrooms. And don’t forget to highlight how close you are to your city’s medical center. They can be within minutes of work, but still mentally check out while at home.

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Also this week, March Madness ramps up as the competition narrows down. Tune in for the Final Four on March 31 and then the long-awaited Championship game on April 2. Invite your residents into the clubhouse to check out all the action.

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mar18_basketball (1).jpg