Milk and Cookies for Your Apartment Community

Sprout Marketing Minute.png

National Cookie Day is Monday, December 4 and we're celebrating cookies all month long! Whether it's cookies on Monday, cookies every Friday in December, or a resident cookie bar, we have everything you need! 

Why cookies? They are easy, fun, inexpensive and hard to resist! Cookie Monster knows, "ME WANT COOKIE!!! Nom, Nom, Nom!"


Sprout Members: In the month of December, you can download your instant printable Milk and Cookies Design and accompanying party box!

  • Step One: Print this design and place it in a frame or on a clipboard. The leasing office is a great spot! 
  • Step Two: Add cookies and milk boxes! 
  • Step Three: Do some outreach marketing with cookies and matching collateral. Post reminder notices throughout the community for residents to stop by and get their cookies. 
  • Step Four: Use your corresponding Sprout social graphics to remind your residents and prospects to stop by on your social media sites. 
  • Step Five: Keep residents engaged by taking and sharing pics of them enjoying the cookies via email, resident newsletters, and social meeting. 

Want to host a different cookie-themed event? No problem! We have large variety of designs ready for your customization!