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Occupancy Need a Boost? Creative Direct Mail Apartment Marketing

Need to boost your apartment occupancy? Real mail, not bulk mail, can still get the hearts of our prospective renters pumping! In a world of texting and emailing, it would be easy to forget about direct mail apartment marketing. We’re sharing some creative outreach ideas to stand out out from the competition this summer!

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Outreach Marketing in the heat: Make it work for you

Outreach is NOT walking in somewhere and leaving flyers. This is about building relationships and being a force to be reckoned with. It's not just what's in it for us as the apartment community, but what's in it for this potential business if they partner with us, And that's what a win-win partnership is about.

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Are You "Beyonce-Ready" to Lease Apartments?

Your leasing office may be open but are you really ready for business? You might think, well, that doesn't even make sense. If our leasing office is open, obviously, we are ready for business. But is that really true? Are we ready like it's showtime every time? 

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