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Find your niche: Make a plan

It’s easy to get caught up in the game of amenities and features where you feel that your “resort-style pool” is your claim to fame. However, the key to building your brand is to transcend the endless lists of pros and cons. It’s not enough to just know your customer but you have to become them. 

By creating your target residents in your mind, it becomes easier to put all the pieces together.

Branding and selling that brand is all about perception of value. It’s not one single item that propels that brand into fame, it’s about how it all works and builds a collective personality that makes you unique. And let’s face it, the more unique something is, the more valuable it is! Put yourself in their shoes for the day and you'll know exactly how to pull at their individual heartstrings.

Ask yourself: If my apartment were a person, who would they be? Find them - and create a plan to make your approach more appealing.

7 Tips from Maria: Outreach 101

Outreach marketing can seem a little scary, but it doesn't have to be! Maria is one of our most-successful street team members. She's a PRO at pitching communities to local businesses. Here she's offering her top tips to help you make outreach magic happen!

"What Do i say say?"

Take a look at the Street Team Record of Leads. We've highlighted hot leads in YELLOW for which we recommend immediate follow-up. The next step is for the onsite teams to continue to nurture all future prospects. Download this "What to Say" cheat sheet that can give your teams confidence when following up. 

your team Takes over: keep it going

Follow-up and fun CAN go together. Download a spreadsheet (or a few) here to keep your leads organized. Pro tip: Fill out this spreadsheet with any interest shown, as soon as you leave a business when you're outreach marketing. There is nothing worse than not remembering someone's name and follow-up is so much more successful (and fun) when you can personalize the message based on something that was said or observed. 


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